Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Get Into the Halloween Spirit with NCircle Entertainment Movies (Review)


"It's Halloween! Join Sid and his friends as they discover how bats catch mosquitoes, why spiders are expert engineer web builders, and how skeletons make up the foundation of our bodies. The kids dress up to celebrate Halloween at school, and Teacher Suzie leads them in a special Halloween parade song to show off their costumes! With Sid the Science Kid, Halloween can be spooky and scientific!"

My Thoughts:

Savannah only began watching this show the beginning of this year, but has already caught up on previous episodes, and doesn't mind watching repeats (she loves them).  Her favorite part of the show is the catchy theme song.  As soon as she hears the song beginning, she is front in center in the living room, getting ready to move and groove with Sid and his friends on the playground.  And, then once the show starts, she sits there watching the show intently. 

If you haven't seen this animated series with your young children, you should definitely check it out.  The shows introduces children to science.  Sid starts the show by asking a "Why" question, like "Why does this ball bounce and this one doesn't?  Then, he spends the show asking his friends and teacher until an explanation or answer is found.  Very interesting concept, and one that young children enjoy day after day.  

With this new release, Sid is back asking "Why?," but this time he is asking about a spider's ability to build a web, how bats catch mosquitoes and how skeletons make up the foundation of our bodies.  Interesting questions, huh?  I enjoyed watching this Halloween themed DVD with Savannah, as she learned animals and the human body.  Who knew you could incorporate science into Halloween?  But, with this new DVD kids will enjoy watching Sid and his friends dress up and parade around in their costumes, while learning about science.



"Kooky Spooky Halloween -- The WordFriends get their share of scares the night before Halloween, when Pig sleep walks and everyone thinks he's a ghost!

Sheep's Halloween Costume -- Sheep is making herself a super special fairy costume to wear for the big Halloween party. But what will she do when her WordFriends need pieces of her costume for their own use?"

My Thoughts:

We only began watching this show last month and love it. Now that Savannah is learning the alphabet and recognizing letters, this show is great.  Most of the animals and objects in the show are made up of letters. Just look at the DVD cover to the left.  The pumpkin is made up of the "p-u-m-p-k-i-n" and the barn is spelled out, while still looking like a barn.  Cool, huh?  Savannah has a blast pointing out the letters and telling me what they are.  And, on occasion, when the animals bump into things, the words are spelled out.  Her favorite word is r-u-g, and every time she sees a rug on the screen, she spells it out.  Who knew that she would be spelling at two years of age.  

So, in honor of Halloween, WordWorld came out with this howling good DVD :-) that will will have WordFriends fans jumping for joy.  Even though this DVD contains only two episodes, it is enough to keep young children entertained and engaged.  We received this DVD today and already watched both episodes a handful of times.  Savannah couldn't get enough of it. :-)  And, make sure you watch the music video, which, which makes up the bonus feature on the DVD.  We will definitely be watching this DVD way past Halloween, and you will too. :-)



"A new spooky adventure this DVD brings, with The Cat, Nick and Sally, Fish and the Things. Meet the eeriest critters you have ever seen, arrived just in time for this Halloween! There will be lots of tricks and, of course lots of treats, to share with the animal friends you will meet! There's a coconut crab, spider monkeys and bats, and plenty more fun with The Cat in the Hat!"

My Thoughts:

If you watch PBS Kids with your children, then you must have seen The Cat in the Hat Know A Lot About That, with the voice of the Cat being played by famed comic, Martin Short. I remember growing up watching The Cat in the Hat holiday specials and reading all the books.  My favorite characters were Thing 1 and Thing 2.  And, now I have two of my own -- Savannah and Arabella. :-)  

I don't know about you, but I love watching holiday themed movies, and Halloween is no different.  So, it was nice to see that this popular PBS Kids animated series released a Halloween themed DVD to families to enjoy.  With 3 spooktacular episodes, Cat in the Hat fans will have so much fun watching this DVD.  Savannah's favorite was the Trick or Treat episode.  So, pick up this DVD and tag along as Nick and Sally are transported to far off places to meet talking animals and enjoy amazing adventures with the Cat in the Hat.

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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