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The Swim Steps Program from SwimWays Turned Our Girls into Fish This Summer (Review)


All summer long we have been teaching Savannah how to swim, while introducing Arabella to the water.  I can't believe how quickly Savannah has picked up the knack of swimming and for most of the summer became a fish not wanting to leave the water.  When she wasn't swimming in our pool, enjoying the beach for the first time, or visiting Nana and Papa and using their pool, she would be practicing her doggie paddle in the bath tub.  

I don't think our daughters' love for the water would be without the help of the SwimWays products that were sent to them to use, as they began to journey of learning how to swim and getting accustomed to floating in the water.  Over the course of the summer, I have shared a handful of reviews of products that I was sent from SwimWays to use and review with the girls.  What I loved best about SwimWays is that they offer a great program called SwimSteps, where they offer products based on your child's swim level.  As they get more comfortable and comfortable in the water, they product line becomes more advance.  

Swim Steps by SwimWays

Arabella began the summer at Step 1, while Savannah was a Step 2 swimmer.  And, by the end of the summer, Arabella progressed to Step 2 and Savannah was ready to begin using Step 3 products.  Unfortunately, when it came time for Savannah to try out SwimWays' Step 3 products that were sent to us, the weather turned cold her in the Northeast, and we had to close our pool for the season.  Savannah was so disappointed as she really wanted to try out the SwimWays Sea Squirts Swim Assist vest, as she liked the cool fin on the back. 

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 Features include:
  • Buoyancy Technology helps kids achieve the correct position in the water, giving them greater control and stability when swimming.
  • Three removable flotation panels allow parents to adjust the Swim Assist as children progress in their swimming abilities.
  • Quality neoprene outside and tech fabric liner inside for extreme comfort.
  • Water-tight flexible fin that folds when kids are seated in a chair.
  • Heavy duty zipper.
  • Choose from Orca, Blue Dolphin, Pink Dolphin, or Clown Fish designs.
  • Small size fits children with a chest measurement of 19-22 inches. (Also available in Medium or Large.)
Sea Squirts swim vests are a fin-tastic way to learn how to swim!

At the same time that we were closing up our pool, so were our friends and family, so Savannah wasn't able to try out her new Sea Squirts Swim Assist vest and Power Swimr, that is if you don't count the bathtub. :-)

Power Swimr Small

The SwimWays® Power Swimr™ System has everything parents need to teach their children swimming skills!
  • Small size features rounded design for the youngest swimmers.
  • Graduated flotation advances swimming ability at the child's own pace. (See an illustration - opens a new browser window.)
  • Hidden pockets keep 9 removable flotation pads secure.
  • Adjustable cords help create a snug fit and keep kids feeling confident.
  • Recommended by Good Housekeeping magazine: Safe Kids Swim Wear guide.
Ages: 2-3 (Approximately 20-35 lbs.)

But, I didn't want readers who live in warmer climates to not know about these great swim products, as they would make for great gifts this holiday season.  We will be taking the girls to an indoor water park in late November, and can't wait to see Savannah's reaction when she is finally able to try out her Sea Squirts Swim Assist vest and Power Swimr from SwimWays in the water.  And, when we open up the pool next season, I know she will have a blast progressing with her swimming, thanks in part to SwimWays and their Swim Steps program.

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Pool Floats by SwimWays

Are you teaching your little ones how to swim, or are looking for just the right floating device for them?  Why not check out the available products from SwimWays?  In addition to children's products, they also fun floats, along with swim toys and gear for children and adults.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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