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Summer is Not Over Yet -- Live It Up With Waboba Balls (Review)


I recently stumbled across Waboba and their unique and fun products, that the entire family can enjoy together.  Many of their products can be used year round, on land, in water and in the air.  But, what I was excited about and wanted to review was their line of balls that bounced on water.  Yes, you read that right -- balls that bounce on water.  One of my favorite things to do as a kid, and even today when I am near the lake is skip rocks on the top of the water.  It is so neat to see it skip along and stay above water until the last jump.  So, when I saw that Waboba offered a line of balls that would do the same as rocks, but could be retrieved and used with friends and family, I had to see if it really worked.  

Cool Tricks Video

The kind folks at Waboba sent me the following balls to try out, while my family and I are soaking up the final weeks of summer:

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  • Step up and go pro! Master the official Waboba games with the official ball of the international Waboba Federation. The Waboba Pro is an upgrade to the Extreme with its slightly larger and heavier size, giving it more engineered stability and post-bounce accuracy. Start a team and make the Waboba Pro a part of your active lifestyle. Best for advanced players and teams determined to become Waboba warriors. Have fun. Stay fit. Dominate.

    Recommended Games: Pro Waboba, Skipball. See the IWF for rules and how to play. 

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  • The Waboba Extreme is the original Waboba ball and offers the most extreme fun for adventures wherever there is water! It bounces wild, high, fast, and far. Watch it bounce 7+ times on the water after one throw! (beats skipping rocks) The Waboba Extreme is the most versatile of the Waboba balls and works great in all open water conditions. Try bouncing it on a puddle, a pond, the ocean, lake, river, water fountain…you get the idea. Don’t leave home without it!

    Tip: When playing in the ocean, bounce it off a wave and watch it go 10+ feet in the air!

    Note: Because of bounciness, it is not recommended for pools

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  • It’s time to take Waboba to a whole new element. Waboba’s Street ball is the first and only Waboba ball made for reclaiming the concrete. Just look and you’ll see this is no ordinary ball. A few bounces later, you’ll feel it too. It’s patent pending design and shape gives the ball an unpredictable bounce depending on your throwing technique. If you love outdoor activities, free-running, exercise, and urban parkour, the Waboba Street is yours to master. 

    Info: For land use only. Best used on playgrounds, pavement, and for playing wall ball. 
    As you can see they offer more than their popular ball that bounces on water.  During a recent vacation with family and friends, I brought these three balls for entertainment.  A bunch of the men took to the Waboba Street ball, bouncing it off walls and catching it.  In addition, a game of skipball brought out when they got their hands on the Waboba Pro ball.  By the end of the weekend, a tournament was in full force and everyone was either playing or part of the cheering squad.  I couldn't believe how much fun two little balls could provide both adults and children. A few new games were invented just by playing around with this ball.
    We used the Waboba Extreme water ball down at the lake, and even in puddles with the little ones.  Everyone was amazed at how it really did bounce on the top of the water.  And, unlike rocks that you would skip, you can see the ball dancing along the top of the water.  Little ones thought this was neat, and a magic treat that their parents could do.

    I just wish I had more balls for everyone, as mini groups kept breaking out with the samples I was sent.  And, by the end of the weekend, everyone agreed that they had to get these and other Waboba products for their families.  I have since left the balls in the car, and when we are out and about over the weekends and find ourselves in a park, at the beach, or playground, we can take out the Waboba balls for instant fun and entertainment.  

    So, even though summer is winding down, doesn't mean the fun has to end.  Pick up any of the Waboba products, along with others they offer online, and share with your family.  You, too, will be amazed at how the Waboba Extreme skips on the top of water.  It really does look like a magic trick, and is so much fun to way with. :-)

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    About Waboba:

    Waboba began in Sweden and has since bounced all across the globe, turning human beings (and sometimes dogs) into Waboba addicts - also known as Wabobians.

    Since 2005, we have been dedicated to developing fun, innovative products for people to play with and enjoy all over the world. Even though Waboba first began as “
    The Ball that Bounces on Water” (thanks to our inventor, Jan von Heland), we soon realized millions of Wabobians would go through withdrawal if they didn’t have something fun to play with on land too. So we created the Street, and Flyer to keep the obsession going strong during the colder months.

    Today, Waboba is a worldwide brand with different cultures bouncing our balls on every continent. Our goal is to connect people with our simple belief of having fun outside. Because when you’re having fun with others, there are no differences. Nor do you think about all the petty stuff or stress in your life. All becomes a distant memory when you bounce outside with Waboba. So join us and play with the world!

    Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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