Monday, August 6, 2012

Spotlight on Mommy -- Susan Kruger of SOAR Study Skills

With school starting just around the corner, now is a great time to introduce this week's Spotlight Mom to you. Susan Kruger of SOAR Study Skills, created her business to help those (young and old), who have trouble with studying, time management, etc. Her best selling SOAR Study Skills Workbook can be utilized by both grade school and college students, and will help with the following skills:

-Time and task-management


-Paper organization

-Homework/project planning

-Reading skills

-Organizing at home & school

-Note-taking strategies

-Test-taking strategies

-Communication & affective skills

-Writing strategies

Does your child struggle with any of the above skills, which cause them to struggle and get frustrated with school?  Well, why not visit Susan's website and learn more about her SOAR study skills programs and workbooks.  Now it a great time to help sharpen your child's study skills before they return to school this year.

Stay turned on Friday when I will share a more in depth review of Susan's best selling workbook, as well as give one lucky reader a chance to win one for their child.  In addition, I will be sharing a 5% off coupon, for you to save on your next order at Susan's online store.

But, in the meantime, please enjoy my Spotlight on Mommy interview with Susan Kruger of SOAR Study Skills.


Name:  Susan Kruger 
Company Name/Product/Service:  SOAR Study Skills 
Company Location: Lake Orion, MI 
Company Website: 
Twitter Handle:  @soarstudyskills 
Age of Company: 15 years 
Favorite Inspirational Quotes: 
“We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist, Using technologies that haven’t been invented, In order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.” - Karl Fisch, “Did You Know” 
Favorite Book:  The Secret Garden


Tell us a little bit about yourself.  How many children do you have?  What are their ages? Your hobbies? Etc. 
When I am not “working,” I enjoy the company of my son, daughter, husband (a fellow educator), and large extended family. 

Briefly explain your business.  How did it come about? 
I used to struggle in school; I would study for hours for a test, then “bomb” it. My grades did not reflect my effort and I often gave up. I figured, “What’s the point of trying if I’m just going to fail anyway?”
My life changed when I learned how to apply strategies to school work! I was a new college student when I was finally introduced to “study skills.” Immediately, my grades skyrocketed to a 3.9 GPA…and I reached those grades in much less time than it took to get mediocre grades all through elementary,middle, and high school.
Since that time, I have been teaching, tutoring, and authoring programs designed to help students learn what I wish I had learned much earlier in life. These strategies are not rocket science nor are they time-consuming. They are simply…strategic! 

What is a typical work day like? 
It varies; that's what I love so much about my job.

What has been a struggle while starting up your company?
Having the confidence to just go for it.

What did you do in your past work life?
I was a teacher and a consultant for a major textbook publishing company.

What have been some of your major successes?
SOAR is now used in over 1,000 schools and tutoring centers around the country.

What have been some of your major challenges? 
Too many things to do and not enough time to do them! 

On those impossible days, what motivates you to keep going? 
All of the stories of success I have heard from teachers, administrators, tutors, parents, and students who have used our program.

What is your balancing secret in managing a business and family?
I don't have a secret. I just try to remember to keep balance every day.

What is next for your business? 
The Back-to-School rush!

Do you have any advice for other mom entrepreneurs that are starting out and struggling, or are on the fence about starting a business? 
Just do it!

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