Friday, August 3, 2012

Looking For a Great Family Movie to Watch This Weekend? Check out These Dove Approved Ones (Review)

Since watching Forever Strong last year, I have become a fan of Bridgestone Multimedia Group's movies.  It seems each of their Christian-based movies that I am sent to review become a family favorite.  Here are just a handful of movies we have recently enjoyed watching:

The Young BelieversSynopsis:  Four Christian teens struggle to keep a promise to remain righteous and pure in The Young Believers. Bound to a mutual pact to avoid drinking, drugs, and premarital sex throughout high school, longtime friends Delilah, David, Leah, and Luke run into temptation and trouble in their senior year. First, Delilah faces pressure from her boyfriend to take their relationship to another level. Then, David must decide whether or not to try alcohol. Next, Leah refuses to open her heart during her parents' divorce, and Luke is lured into playing music that doesn't glorify God.

As they pray together and discuss God's will for their lives, the friends realize that arming themselves with faith is their best defense in the battle against sin. Awarded The Dove Foundation's Family-Approved Seal, The Young Believers portrays a realistic struggle to overcome peer pressure and encourages adolescents and teens to fight temptation and tough times by building a strong moral foundation and remaining grounded to their roots in Christ.

*Buy now for only $12.71.

The Flizbins: Pirates & CupcakesSynopsis: Laugh, dance, and sing along to the fun sounds of the Flizbins! In this first episode, journey with Finley and the band as they learn that being God's children means being free to be themselves and being loved beyond measure. When a neighbor boy takes a joke a little too far, Finley must choose either to respond in love or hold a grudge. In search of a solution, his musical friends send him on a great adventure, full of salty sailors, dancing fish, and a pirate that plays the accordion.

A faith-based children's DVD series, The Flizbins: Pirates & Cupcakes follows four energetic musicians who jam together with songs about their identity in Christ and learn faith-based lessons alongside Finley, a furry orange puppet who lives in a tree fort. After searching his heart, will Finley choose to show love to a cupcake-stealing buccaneer and learn what it truly means to love on purpose?

The Flizbins: Cowboys & BananasSynopsis:  Great songs, fun dances, and crazy banana showdowns await in Cowboys & Bananas, the second adventure for the musical praise band The Flizbins. First, SuperFin, the greatest Flizbin superhero, saves the day when Hero City's cleaning robot goes haywire. Then, through a wacky and woolly retelling of the story of the lost sheep, Finley and the band discover just how important they are to God, even if they aren't superheroes.

Starring a cool band full of catchy songs and moral messages, The Flizbins is an award-winning children's show that features live action characters and a furry puppet named Finley. From Charity, the purple-clad guitarist with a talent for creating new dances and songs about Jesus, to Tim, the band's bassist with a charming Aussie accent, The Flizbins and their tree fort-dwelling friend present positive role models for youngsters. BMG also carries the first episode, Pirates & Cupcakes.

 *Buy now for only $12.71.

Pivot Point

Synopsis:  The lives of four high school students intersect in unimaginable ways in this intense psychological drama. Caught between good and evil, Lucas, Sam, Olivia, and Candice silently struggle down a dark road in their separate lives, but they soon discover the domino effect and devastating consequences a single choice can have on the lives of those around them.

A unique film directed by Zach Meiners and created almost exclusively by volunteer college students, Pivot Point explores the darkness of life and searches for the truth and hope that stems from one pivotal moment in time.

*Buy now for only $12.71. 

Genesis 7 - Episode One: The MissionSynopsis:  Take an out-of-this-world journey with the space program of the future! In the tradition of The Magic School Bus, this adventure-filled series educates young space cadets about the solar system as it follows the Genesis 7 spacecraft and its lander fondly known as "Little G." Piloted by Lt. Donton Andrews under the command of his uncle, Captain Enoch Andrews, and the captain's niece, imaging specialist Priscilla Andrews, the craft embarks on a year-long exploration of the solar system. Throughout their fact-finding mission, communications specialist Lt. Abby Jennings and her ground crew work hard from Genesis Command to ensure the team's success.

On the maiden voyage of the Genesis 7, everyone is excited to see God's creation as never seen before. Their initial goal is to test all of the new systems in space and map the atmosphere of Earth, but soon the call comes in from Genesis Command to proceed to the moon and touch down on the lunar surface to look for water. However, shortly after Donton, Enoch, and Priscilla begin to drill, a gravitational anomaly affects the orbit of a piece of space debris that poses a serious threat to the mission and Donton's life.

*Buy now for only $12.71.

Time Collectors: Return of the GiantsSynopsis:  Creation triumphs evolution in the faith-based film Time Collectors: Return of the Giants. After making a fossil discovery that challenges mainstream evolutionary thinking, a wealthy paleontologist named Sam dies suspiciously. Now, Sam's fortune and scientific secret are in the hands of his agnostic grandson, Brad, and there are people who will do anything to bury the truth and destroy Sam's divine discovery.

The search for his grandfather's secret leads Brad on a whirlwind journey of loss, self-discovery, and love. As he learns more about Sam's Christian faith, Brad experiences a turning point in his own convictions and a blossoming relationship with Maria, Sam's assistant. Dodging danger, Brad and Maria race to reach the world with their new knowledge before it's too late.

*Buy now for only $12.71.

It was hard to choose a favorite from the above titles, as they were all enjoyable to watch.   I enjoyed watching Savannah dance along to the two The Flizbins DVD.  Even though she is too young to understand the messages these two titles were relaying about self worth and loving on purpose, I know that as she gets older she will have a greater appreciation and love for these titles, as much as she likes dancing along to the catchy songs.  I found myself really getting pulled into the Time Collectors movie, and found myself on the edge of my seat at homes, rooting for Maria and Brad.  I can't wait to see what comes next from Bridgestone Multimedia Group, as I know we will be entertained. So, if you are looking for a movie to enjoy with the family this weekend, why not give one of these titles a try?  It is a great way to bring the children (young and old) together, and many films offer an opportunity to discuss core values afterwards. :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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