Thursday, August 23, 2012

Introducing the Hearts for Hearts Girls Charitable Doll Line to Savannah and Friends

Not only was I surprised, but excited, when I was chosen to host a Hearts for Hearts Girls Party, thanks to MommyParties.  This sponsored party by Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls was head last weekend at our house, and was a hit.

What are the Hearts for Hearts Girls Dolls and What Makes Them Unique?

Hearts for Hearts is a charitable doll line and fashion collection from Playmates Toys that seeks to empower girls to become agents of change in their communities, their countries and around the world.  The line features eight dolls inspired by real girls from real places all over the world.  Each authentically dressed and lifelike doll has her own story to share and is working to change her community in ways unique to her home country.  

The Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls come to life with a fully interactive website that lets girls discover different cultures, read about girls who have overcome challenges, and engage with the dolls through a range of activities. Each doll comes with a special code that lets girls unlock a free membership to the kid-safe website at All girls are welcome to visit the website, but the special code that comes with purchase provides access to a larger array of games and also lets girls create their own “myHeart” page. This special page displays things that girls care about, ways in which they want to help girls or their community, and words to help express how they feel as a Hearts For Hearts Girl. They can change the page as often as they like! 

Included in my party kit were two Hearts for Hearts dolls -- one for my daughters to keep, and one to raffle off to the other party goers.  There were also 20 Hearts to Hearts Girls bracelets (enough for each girl to get 2 -- one for them, and one to give to a friend), paper passports showing the 8 different dolls in the series, and a coupon for guests to receive $5.00 off a future HFHG doll purchased from the online website.  If that wasn't enough, I was also sent handouts that included themed games, activities and recipes.

Planning the party was a breeze, as I knew based upon the uniqueness of these dolls and their cultural differences that I would have a "Celebrate Your Differences" party.  My husband is from El Salvador and I am from the United States.  So, my daughters are part Latina.  You can tell by their beautiful tan skin. :-)  And, many of their friends come from different ethnic backgrounds including other Latin countries, Asia and India.  Even though my daughters and their friends are too young to understand about the diversity amongst themselves, as they get older I hope they embrace these differences and learn from one another.  That is what makes these dolls so special and got me excited about hosting this party.  It is hard to find non-Caucasian dolls in the toy stores, but thanks to Playmates Toys, my daughters and their friends can now play with dolls that look similar to them and have a special story that goes along with each doll.

Here is more about each of the 8 dolls in the Hearts for Hearts Girls collection:

Click here -- to learn more about each of the dolls, or to order for your little one.  Each lifelike doll stands at 14 inches high and has a poseable, smooth vinyl body and high-quality rooted hair.  In addition to their authentically dressed outfits, each Hearts for Hearts Girls doll comes with a handful of accessories like jewelry and shoes. 

When I showed Savannah the Consuelo doll from Mexico, she instantly fell in love with her.  She couldn't wait for me to take her out of the box so that she could carry her around and show her off to her other toys.  On a few occasions, I noticed her comparing her skin tone to the dolls, and smiled when she were almost identical.  This blew my mind, as she is only 2 and noticed the skin color of this doll, compared to the white skin color of the other dolls she has.  She even found her pink headband and put it on to look just like Consuelo.  

For the party, I created a handful of the recipes that were included in the party kit including American Meatloaf Muffins, Ethiopian Party Punch, Mexican Corn and Bean Soup and Indian Mac and Cheese Bites.  I also served up flan and bread pudding for dessert, while each of the moms brought a dish that was popular in their countries or households.  At first many of the girls were surprised with the menu and reached for the mac and cheese bites.  But, the mommies get reassuring the girls that the other foods tasted as good and were worth trying.  By the end of lunch, all the food was gone and each girl had broaden their palettes with flavors from around the world.  The food was such a hit, a handful of the moms copied down the recipes while the girls played with Savannah's doll.  I had party games set to play with the girls, but they ended up spending most of the party sampling these new and delicious dishes, that the time left was used for playing with the doll Savannah was sent.  The highlight of the party, besides the unique food offering, was when I raffled off the second Hearts for Hearts Girls doll that I was sent.  I asked the girls' moms to write their names on a sheet of paper and we did a hat pull.  Savannah's friend, Becka won the Lauryce doll from New Orleans, USA.  As the girls sat in a circle, Becka's mom read the story about her new doll for all to hear, that was included in the box.

Prior to this party, none of the guests nor myself had seen or owned one of these beautiful dolls.  But, thanks to the party, we know what we will be getting our daughters for the holidays.  Now, to decide which of the eight dolls to get.  They each have an amazing back story and the detail of their features right down to their clothing is amazing and beautiful to look at.  Any little girl would love to receive a Hearts for Hearts Girls doll.  Not only will they be getting a forever friend, but they will also learn about other countries and their cultures.  What I love most about these dolls is that with every HFHG doll purchased, a donation is made for needy girls in other countries.  So, your purchase is helping to change the world one heart at a time!  :-)

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Click here -- -- to browse the Hearts For Hearts Girls website to learn more about this charitable doll line and fashion collection from Playmates Toys.  You can order dolls directly from this site, as well as from Amazon and Toys R Us.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples and party supplies from MommyParties and Hearts for Hearts Girls in order to facilitate my party.  The views expressed above are my own.


  1. In order to host a "Mommy Party" for the "Hearts 4 Hearts Girls" dolls, are bloggers expected to host parties for and review other products, as well?
    By the way, your little girl is ADORABLE!

  2. I was chosen as part of a MomSelect campaign. This was the only product I reviewed from the vendor.