Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dinosaur Train: Big, Big, Big on DVD 8/28


Hop on the Dinosaur Train and join Buddy the T.Rex and his adoptive family of Pteranodons as they travel around and meet some of the biggest dinosaurs in DINOSAUR TRAIN: BIG, BIG, BIG.  Buddy and his Pteranodon siblings embark on new adventures traveling back to the Jurassic Period, riding on the newest Dinosaur Train car – the flatbed, and earning their Junior Conductor hats.  Buddy even gets to meet another adopted dinosaur!  From the world-renowned Jim Henson Company, PBS KIDS and Paramount Home Entertainment, the DINOSAUR TRAIN: BIG, BIG, BIG DVD includes eight exciting edu-tainment adventures that bring dinosaurs to life and makes science fun.  “Dinosaur Train” is an Emmy®-nominated and Parents’ Choice Silver Honor series.  “Dinosaur Train” consistently ranks in the top ten shows for kids ages 2 to 5*.

Rating:                 U.S. – Not Rated; Canada – G
Runtime:              Approximately 100 minutes
SRP:                     $12.99 U.S.; $13.99 Canada

My Thoughts:

Savannah can't get enough Dinosaur Train.  When she is not catching it daily on PBS, she is flipping through her Dinosaur Train books, or coloring in her Dinosaur Train Big Big coloring book.  My refrigerator is covered with her Buddy and Tiny coloring pages that she is so proud of coloring.  So, when I showed her the upcoming DVD release that I received in the mail, she began to do her happy dance.  Then, she asked when we would be watching it.   I love these DVDs at they contain 8 episodes which can be watched in no particular order.  And, they are short enough that Savannah can sit through 2-3 episodes at a time.  As a parent, I am a fan of PBS Kids shows and especially love this animated series as it can be enjoyed by both boys and girls and teaches children about science and dinosaurs.  

As far as this new release, episodes included are:

  • Remember the Alamosaurus 
  • Heck of a Neck 
  • An Apatosaurus Adventure 
  • Arnie Rides the Flat Car 
  • Ned the Quadruped 
  • One Big Dinosaur 
  •  Dinosaur Poop
  • All Kinds of Families 
Savannah's favorites were All Kinds of Families and Arnie Rides the Flat Car.  All the episodes show the importance of family, helping others and working together.  In Arnie Rides the Flat Car,  the  Pteranodons visit their old friend Arnie Argentinosaurus who has gotten too big to ride the Dinosaur Train.  But, Tiny and Buddy fix this by arranging for him to ride on the new flatbed car.  

Does your child love Dinosaur Train?  If so, why not surprise them with this new release.  Even though we have only had this DVD for a few days, we have already watched it twice, with no signs of stopping. :-)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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