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Cystex -- The Only OTC Medication Meant for UTI Relief While Waiting to See your Doctor (Review and Giveaway)

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The first UTI I had was shortly after undergoing cancer treatment in 2008.  While recovering, I ended up getting bit by a mosquito and had a skin reaction that landed me in the hospital for a week.  I am not sure if the UTI came from all the medicines I was on, being run down, or just pure bad luck.  But, however you look at it, I was glad to be in the hospital and be prescribed strong medicine to help get rid of it.

If you have ever had a UTI or know someone who has, then you know how painful and uncomfortable they are.  I know as I had it this one time, and then had to watch my then 6 month old daughter Arabella this past year suffer through it.  Prior to leaving the hospital, the nurses told me that UTI's have a 40+% recurrence rate, and told me to contact my doctor ASAP, if I experience symptoms again.  Knock on wood, I haven't had a recurrence since 2008.  But, I also have been taking steps to help prevent them, like drinking pure cranberry juice (blah) taking Vitamin C supplements, making sure to wear cotton underwear in the hot summer months, and not holding it when I have to go.  Out of all of these preventative measures, the one that I find hard to do is to drink the pure cranberry juice.  It is so bitter and leaves a nasty aftertaste, that water and hard candies can't get rid of.

So, when the folks at Cystex sent along samples of their Cystex Plus tablets and Cystex Cranberry Urinary Health Complex, I was eager to see if the liquid supplement was more tolerable to drink on a daily basis -- and, it was.  I am not able to comment directly on the Cystex tablets, as I haven't need them personally.  But, I did share them with a friend recently who came to visit and developed and unexpected UTI.  Because she was not within driving distance to her physician's office, and it was over the weekend, so a prescription could not be called it, she began taking the tablets at the onset of the UTI symptoms, and couldn't believe how they eased the pain and discomfort of the UTI.  Even though she still needed prescription medicine to get rid of this UTI, she was able to manage the discomfort while waiting to fill her prescription.  Before she left, she made a point to pick up a box of Cystex Plus while at the pharmacy picking up her prescription, just so she would have them on hand if she needed them in the future.  I have the remaining box of tablets in my medicine cabinet, and was so happy to have had thm to offer my friend.

Cystex® Urinary Pain Relief Tablets

If you suspect you have a UTI, it is very important to see your doctor. If you cannot see them right away,Cystex® Urinary Pain Relief Tablets are the only over the counter medication meant for UTI relief while waiting to see your doctor and they are physician and pharmacist approved. They have a unique dual action formula, which combines a pain fighting analgesic and an antibacterial agent to stop the progression of the infection.  

Cystex® Liquid Cranberry

Cystex® Liquid Cranberry Complex is an easy and effective alternative to cranberry juices and cocktails (which have been known to keep UTI's at bay), plus it is sugar, gluten and lactose free. Its unique, convenient, pleasant-tasting cranberry formula is designed to boost badder health. This liquid cranberry complex also has a higher absorption rate and 17 times the PACs of cranberry tablets, in one convenient tablespoon (compare this to cranberry juice cocktail, which is only 27% cranberry juice). Taken daily it has been shown to prevent recurring urinary tract infections.

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Cystex Giveaway

Cystex® Urinary Pain Relief Tablets and liquid supplement are available at drug stores nationwide and via online retailers. For a list of places to buy Cystex® or to purchase Cystex® online, click hereCystex® PLUS Urinary Pain Relief Tablets are available at drug stores nationwide at the suggested retail price of $9.25 for a package of 40 tablets and $15.95 for a 100-count package.  Cystex® Liquid Cranberry Complex is available nationwide at drug chains and mass market retailers, including WalMart, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Duane Reade, for a suggested retail price of $9.95 (7.6 fl oz).


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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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