Friday, August 17, 2012

Available Today on DVD and Blu-Ray Combo Pack...

Today, Disney releases 5 enchanting titiles on Blu-ray:
  • THE RESCUERS: 35th Anniversary Ed & THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER – 2 Movie Collection
  • THE ARISTOCATS: Special Edition
  • LADY AND THE TRAMP II: Scamp's Adventure – Special Edition
  • POCAHONTAS & POCAHONTAS II: Journey to a New World – 2 Movie Collection
  • THE TIGGER MOVIE: Bounce-a-RRRific Special Edition

My Thoughts:

This past week has been great, as I was able to watch the above releases with my daughter, and as a way to unwind after a few crazy days.  I love Disney movies, and started collecting them when I got my own place.  I knew one day that I would pass this collection down to my children.  I have both VHS (yes, they are still around) and DVD copies of most of the Disney films which have come to video, and am still adding them to my collection today.  I can't tell you how many I have -- let's just say it takes up a whole television wall unit's storage center. :-)  I am pretty proud of it, while my husband thinks the space could be used for something else.  But, nobody better lay a finger on my movies. :-)  

 And, now that Savannah is older, she is enjoying watching this classics and sequels right alongside me.  Even though her first love is Toy Story 1-2-3, she can't get enough of The Tigger Movie.  As soon as Tigger appeared on the screen, she joined in bouncing around the living room, and didn't stop until the film was over.  I haven't shared the Pocahontas films with her yet, as she is more interested in the others movies which released today.  Just yesterday, we watched Lady and the Tramp II together. I am a fan of the original and surprisingly have never seen the sequel, but loved it.  You would think that sequels would not be as entertaining, but this one was.  Savannah was more excited, though, when I showed her the bonus features, where one had 3 shorts starring Pluto.  

Even though I watched all of the above movies this past week, I know I will be watching them again soon, as Savannah continues to ask to see them daily.  If you are a fan of Disney and love adding their news releases (especially these Blu-Ray/DVD combo packs) to your library, then the above five new releases are a must.  Both young and old will love these movies.  They will make for a great Friday Night Flick Night, or give you a reason to stay in on those rainy or too hot summer days.  Either way, make sure you take advantage of the bonus features on each of the above titles, as they are amazing.  From sing-a-longs, shorts, trivia, behind the scenes footage, to making of and deleted scenes, these bonus features add to the viewing pleasure of each movie, and are worth watching.


You can order any of the above Disney titles, as well as other Disney favorites at your favorite local retailers, as well as online at
 Disclosure:  I was sent copies of the above combo packs from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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