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You Don't Have to Be a Vegetarian to Enjoy Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes (Review)

Hamburger Style

HV Hamburger Style Mix is the perfect protein for all your vegetarian dishes. Simply hydrate the dry mix for endless possibilities. One bag contains a variety of options you can create like patties, crumbles, meatballs, soups or sauces.


Sausage Style

HV Sausage Style Mix is an ideal way to start your morning. Slightly more seasoned than our Hamburger variety, the hints of sage bring out a savory breakfast sausage flavor. Each bag opens up endless possibilities of what's for breakfast.

Cooking With Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes: 

How To Use:

Harmony Valley Hamburger and Sausage Mixes are amazingly easy to make:

The dry mix is hydrated with the cold water and results in vegetarian protein with the same consistency and versatility as ground meat.

Many recipes have ground meat as the base, and now with Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mix as an option, dinner just got a little easier.

Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes are a soy based, vegan and kosher certified meat alternative that makes eating less meat, or eating meat-less easy and versatile. Being a great source of protein and fiber, Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes provide health and harmony for the whole family. 

Where to find Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes at the store.

Where do you find Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes? It's not where you'd expect ...... Think outside of the ICEBOX!
HV is in the aisle where the dry foods are......where is that you ask?
It's next to the couscous....where is that?
It's next to the rice boxes and Risotto.....where is that?
Near the mac and cheese.....where's that?
Next to the quinoa......if you still don't see it, ask a Whole Foods team member. 

My Thoughts:

I don't consider myself a Vegetarian, but I enjoy some of the great and healthy Vegetarian products on the market.  It is nice to go partial Vegetarian once in a while.  I find that when it is really humid out in the summers, the last thing I want to be eating is a heavy meal.  This is when I will dine on a simple salad or bean and rice dish.  So, when I stumbled across Harmony Valley and their line of Vegetarian mixes, I had to give them a try.  When I received these samples in the mail to review and hydrated them in water, I wondered if they would taste like tofu products I had tried and disliked in the past.  They were not white and lacked smell -- instead, they actually looked like ground hamburger and sausage.  But, not being a full fledged Vegetarian, I was not accustomed to substituted products, as I had only tasted tofu before and didn't like it.

Swedish Meatballs

When trying out the hamburger mix, I didn't tell my husband it was a Vegetarian mix.  Instead, he saw me rolling meatballs and thought I was making them from scratch.  Little did he know that all I did was add water, let sit and then able to begin using.  I ended up grilling the meatballs on the stove, like I do with meat-based ones I make.

I will have to pick up another package of this and try making my homemade chili with it.  Mmm, it is getting me hungry just thinking about it. :-)

As for the sausage mix, I was surprised that my husband took it upon himself to make sausage links over the weekend for him and Savannah to enjoy.  he is not one to cook, but couldn't wait to see if this mix was as good as the hamburger mix we had a few days earlier.  Also, he is beginning to watch his weight for his upcoming marathons, and is choosing to eat more healthy.  But, when he has eggs and toast in the AM, he can't go without a side of sausage or bacon -- it is just not possible. :-)  I didn't think Savannah would like it, as she has recently become a picky eater, and can live off of soup, pickles, eggs and bacon, fruit, tomatoes and raviolis and mac and cheese.  Yes, this is all she asks for and will eat right now.  My husband somehow convinced her it was like bacon and she tried a piece and liked it.  When my husband tried it for himself, he agreed that it was yummy, and helped himself to seconds.  By the end of breakfast, there was only one sausage link left.  I asked my husband if he wanted me to save it, and before I could get a storage bag from the drawer, he snatched it up and popped it in his mouth.  "No need," he replied. :-)

So, as you can see, you don't have to be a Vegetarian to enjoy these mixes.  And, as a busy mom on the go, I love how easy they are to prepare, and within 15 minutes are ready to be substituted in your recipes.  Wonder what else you can make with these mixes?  Click here to visit Harmony Valley's recipe section for some tasty ideas.

---BUY NOW---

Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes can be found at your favorite local Whole Foods market, as well as ordered directly off of the HV website.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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