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Now Available on CD -- "All on a Sunday Afternoon" by The Sugar Free Allstars (Review)

“A sound that is a bit like gospel, disco, funk, rock and soul thrown into a blender and served up icy cool” ~ CoolMomPicks
The Sugar Free Allstars 

All On a Sunday Afternoon
All on a Sunday Afternoon
Guests include Marty Beller, Keller Williams,
Trout Fishing in America,
 Jack Forman and Shine and the Moonbeams;
CD includes bonus concert video
Available on Jun 12th
The Sugar Free Allstars, whose easy-funky style presents a “high energy” sound acclaimed by Time magazine and a host of other national critics, will release their third family CD All on a Sunday Afternoon on June 12th. These 10 new kid-friendly rhythm-and-blues songs will carry the whole family through a fun-filled weekend day, with the help of guest artists Marty Beller, Keller Williams, Trout Fishing in America and other luminaries. As a bonus, the music package includes a CD and full-length Sugar Free Allstars concert DVD, providing the next best thing to being at a live show.
The Sugar Free Allstars is Chris (Boom!) Wiser (lead vocals, keyboards, saxophones and more) and Rob (Dr. Rock) Martin (vocals, percussion), an Oklahoma City based duo that has been making funky-fresh music for families for more than five years. Their first family music CD, Dos Ninos, enjoyed regular plays on Sirius-XM Satellite Radio, and their 2010 release Funky Fresh and Sugar Free rocketed them into kindie rock stardom with national critical acclaim, radio airplay and awards. A recent collaborations with Secret Agent 23 Skidoo resulted in the hit single “Cooperate,” one of the songs on the 2012 Grammy Award winning album All About Bullies Big and Small.
The rock solid grooves on All on a Sunday Afternoon pay a deep tribute to America’s great musical heritage, particularly the golden eras of Motown and Stax Records. The first song, “Gotta Get Up," will surely raise up the sleepyheads, with power punch vocals by Jack Forman of Recess Monkey and Shawana Kemp of Shine and the Moonbeams. Kids will laugh along with the flat-tire beat of “Hiccup,” and the ‘70s dance party song “Love Train” is enhanced by Keller Willams’ expert guitar and kaosilator tracks. Marty Beller lays down percussion for the helpful "Put 'Em Away." Ezra and Keith from Trout Fishing in America contributed to the title song, which, musically, owes more than a little to Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City” and New Orleans funk masters The Meters.
Amidst the high energy vibe of All on a Sunday Afternoon, a  sentimental tone recurs, particularly in the send-up of the Talking Heads classic “Stay Up Late,” “99 Questions,” “Very Best Friend” and the wistful, growing-up song “Ready To Give Up Teddy.” Since beginning his career in family music, Chris Wiser has become a parent. “The experience of being a dad has added another layer to my songwriting,” he says. “There’s more sweetness and nostalgia in these songs than in our previous releases,” says the band’s songwriter, Hammond organ wizard and lead singer.

Upcoming  Concerts

The Sugar Free Allstars plan an extensive summer tour, kicking off with shows at the Kansas City Jiggle Jam and a tour of 60+ libraries.They’ll also host Wiggle Out Loud, the first ever family music festival in Oklahoma City this fall.  

May 24: Riverside Quick Trip Park, Tulsa, OK
May 26: Kansas City Jiggle Jam, Kansas City, MO
June 4-15: Metropolitan Library System tour (all OKC metro area libraries)
July 12-21: St Louis/Kansas City area tour
July 24-26: NW Arkansas tour
June 29: Kaiser Library, Tulsa, OK
September1: Wiggle Out Loud Festival, Oklahoma City

My Thoughts:

Who knew that Savannah was a fan of funk?  I only recently found this out when I popped the new release from The Sugar Free Allstars, titled, "All on a Sunday Afternoon," This CD, which releases today, is a great family CD to listen and dance to while riding in the car this summer.  Savannah couldn't stop popping her head to each of the songs.  And, when she heard the drum kick, she would nod her head forward, while moving her hands like she was drumming.  Where did she learn how to imitate a drummer.  Hmmm, I'll have to ask my husband about this. :-)

We ended up listening to this CD in its entirety on a recent visit to my parents house.  My favorite track was "Sunday Afternoon," while Savannah liked both "Hiccup" and "Ice Cream Truck."  When Arabella wasn't napping, I also caught her kicking her feet around in the car seat, as if she was dancing along.

Prior to this CD, I had never really given funk a chance.  But, now that the Sugar Free Allstars introduced me to it, I have another genre of music I like. :-)

If your family likes funk, then you will definitely love this new CD release.  Or, if you are like me and not familiar with funk, this would be a great introduction to it.  Be warned, you will tapping her feet, bobbing your head and dancing along in no time, as the tracks on this CD are catchy. 

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You can by this CD on Amazon, as well as through iTunes.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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