Monday, July 30, 2012

Reaching My Fitness Goals with the Help of the Fitbit Ultra Tracker (Review)

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The Fitbit Ultra Tracker is one of the most helpful fitness gadgets on the market. The small size of the unit makes it easy to clip to a workout top or slide into a pocket, without getting in the way of a workout or your daily life. 

Some of the features included in the Fitbit Ultra are step tracking, stair climbing tracking, calories burned and even the amount and quality of sleep you are getting each night. By uploading the raw data from the Fitbit device into your account at, you can analyze your overall health and fitness levels. You can even set goals for yourself, and use the tracking device to monitor your progress. Tracking the food that you eat each day, when coupled with you exercise level; can help you to reach your fitness goals faster. The device also comes in two different color combinations, a black and blue model and a black and plum model, letting you tailor the unit to your personal tastes. 
The Fitbit Ultra is simple to work into your daily routine. I found myself forgetting that I had it one, as it is so lightweight and discreet.  You don't even know you have it on. Making this fitness gadget a part of your day, everyday, will give you the greatest amount of data and the most accurate picture of your health and fitness level possible. 

The online community for the Fitbit Ultra provides not only feedback on your progress, but also encouragement to keep working towards your goals. Using the Fitbit to track your daily activity is beneficial, and can even be fun. You can work towards badges online, which are given out for specific goals and steps that you have accomplished. Plus, you can interact with others that have similar goals, to help keep you motivated. The Fitbit Ultra is easy to work into your life, and it can provide noticeable results.
I have been using the Fitbit Ultra for over a month now, and can't believe how much I have learned about my overall fitness levels. Prior to using the Fitbit Ultra I would base my workouts on the time spent in the gym or by taking an hour-long cardio class. But, I really wasn't measuring my overall physical activity. It was not until I began wearing the Fitbit Ultra everywhere I went, and even sleeping with it, that I could see where and when I needed to make adjustments to my fitness regime. Even with two young children, who still get up in the night for feedings and diaper changes, I was finding myself waking up 2-3 more times in the night and staying up for an average of 20-30 minutes. If you asked me if I got up besides the times to tend the girls, I would say, "No." But, after plugging this device into my computer, I was able to see otherwise. And, my husband was able to confirm this. Who knew? Maybe that is why I would find myself dragging in the AM.

My husband was so intrigued by this little device and how much data it couldn't capture, that he wanted to try it out for himself. So, I let him take it to work with him one day, after having used a basic pedometer the day before. Upon returning home and checking out his daily steps, he couldn't believe how active he was. The plastic pedometer he used to carry was not accurate and would reset or move ahead when jiggled. With the Fitbit Ultra, you can drive with this, jerk your arm or body part wearing the piece, and not have to worry about it misreporting steps, etc. Both my husband and I agree that this is an amazing device, and one that every person, no matter their fitness level, would benefit from. I have found it to be a great help, and way to keep me motivated in losing these final baby weight pounds.

If you ever wondered how many steps you take in a day, how often you wake in the night, or just how well your planned fitness regime is working for you, then you will benefit from the Fitbit Ultra. This was the missing link in a complete fitness regime that I thought was working for me. Based on the day to day results/tracking, I know otherwise and can tweak my routines to help me reach my goals.

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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I find it amazing that it measures not only how long you slept but how well. Sleep is important to me as a tool in stress relief and I always wonder how well I slept.