Friday, June 22, 2012

A Must Have for Parents With Young Children -- Vicks Behind the Ear Thermometer (Review)


Gentle, accurate, and easy-to-use, the Vicks V980 Behind Ear Thermometer is a non-invasive alternative to other thermometers.  

  • They've finally gotten to sleep.  The last thing that you want to do is wake them to take their temperature.  The Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer is gentle enough to use on a sleeping child.  In fact, 95% of the babies that it was tested on in a daycare study slept through measurement.  
  • Just a touch - not a swipe.
  • Clinically proven accurate.
  • The measurement site in the hollow behind the ear is very close to the carotid artery, which carries blood to the brain. This is an ideal external site to measure temperature.
  • It's easy as 1-2-3.  Simply place behind the ear, press the start button, and release after the 1 second beep.
  • Has a large easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Features Fever InSight™ - This allows you to understand the meaning of your child's temperature using an easy-to-understand color-coding system.
And More!
  • Designed for the entire family
  • Tracks last 8 measurements
  • Lifetime warranty under normal use.

* Based on a clinical superiority study against the leading forehead thermometer in the US. Data on file.

My Thoughts:

With two young children under the age of two, it seems like I am always going to the pediatrician, either for a wellness or sick visit.    Both of my daughters were diagnosed with pyloric stenosis at 3 1/2 weeks old, and needed corrective surgery.  As a result of their hospital stays and compromised immune systems, both were sick upon returning home.  I found myself living at the doctors, with weekly weigh ins, as well as monitoring of cold-like systems, which couldn't be treated with medicine.  When I was not at the doctor's office, I was monitoring their temperatures at home, as they were in the low 100's.  I have to say that being a first-time parent with Savannah and having gone through this, I was a wreck.  I found myself calling both the pediatrician and my mom whenever her temp went over 102 degrees.  Don't get me started on the ER co-pays I ended up paying, for each spiked temperature, or the long wait with a crying baby there.  During this time, the one device I hoped to count on, failed repeatedly -- the thermometer.  I was given a few temporal thermometers, as well as rectal ones as baby shower gifts, and had a few for adults in the medicine cabinet.  But, I found out with each visit to the pediatrician or ER, that they were giving me false readers.  Even though both my daughters' had above 100 degree temperatures, the few times they spiked at 104 with these home-based thermometers, these were inaccurate readings.  The ER and pediatrician would take their temperatures to find them sitting at 100 degrees.  

When I received these readings from the doctors, it was such a relief, but also nerve wracking knowing that the high end thermometers I was using were giving false readings.  After trying over a dozen so-called top of the line or highly rated thermometers, I finally stumbled across the ONE-- the Vicks Behind the Ear thermometer.  Just last week I had to take Arabella for her 6 month wellness visit, where she received a handful of shots.  Like her sister and I, I had to watch for reactions to the shots, and monitor her temperature.  Thanks to this thermometer from Vicks, I didn't have to worry about getting a false reading.  And, when Arabella would finally nap and I would do my routine temperature check, I could gently take her temperature, while she was sleeping.  How great is that?! Gone are the days I would have to wake her or Savannah to take a temperature, after finally get them to go down for a nap. The girls are loving this new thermometer, too, as it is not scary like others I have used on them, and doesn't have loud beeping sounds like one I had, which would scare Savannah.

So, if you have a young child at home, or are looking for just the right gift to give a family member or friend who is expecting, why not consider picking up the Vicks Behind the Ear Thermometer.  This thermometer is great for first time or current parents looking to upgrade their thermometers and first aid kits.  Now, when I suspect a temperature with the girls, I can feel confident when using this thermometer, knowing it will give me an accurate reading, and be quick and easy to use with small children.


Click here to order online for only $49.99.  I also found it at my local Target store, for the same price.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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  1. These are so cool I would like to have one for our house and two for new mothers that I know.
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