Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love MONOPOLY, the Classic Board Game? Then, Try the MONOPOLY zAPPED Edition (Review)




MONOPOLY Game Board, 4 MONOPOLY Touch-banking Cards, Rubber Pads, 6 Tokens, 28 Property Cards, 32 Green Houses, 12 Red Hotels, 2 Dice, and Game Guide. 


• Play your game board and iPad, iPhone or iPod touch together.
• Touch-banking cards transfer MONOPOLY dollars to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.
• Play mini games when you land on Chance or Community Chest, or need to bust out of Jail.
• No more adding up – the app announces the winner!
• Includes hints and tips for a smart game!
Ages 8 and up.
Players: 2-4 players

This is the second zAPPED game I have tried from Hasbro, with the first being the Game of Life.  As a child, one of my favorite board games was MONOPOLY.  Even though I always found myself landing in jail, it was a fun game the entire family could enjoy playing together.  In my family, summer time was when we played the most board games.  Whenever it was raining, or too hot to be outside, we would pull out a board game and play.  I remember laughing and sharing some wonderful times with my parents and brothers, as we sat around the dining room table playing.  As I got older, though, we began going our separate ways, and would only play board games around the holidays, when we all got together under one roof.  But, now that I have children of my own, I have begun introducing board games as a way for my daughters to learn new things, but also as way for the family to spend quality time together.  And, as such, whenever my parents come to visit, they now know at some point during their stay, a board game will be pulled out.  :-)


I was excited to receive MONOPOLY zAPPED, as it didn't own a copy of the original MONOPOLY, but always meant to pick it up when I was the store.  Like the Game of Life zAPPED, you need to use your iPad and download a FREE app to play the game.  Within minutes, your iPad is turned into an interactive spinner, that will make playing MONOPOLY so much more enjoyable.  Now you can get out of jail by playing a mini game, in order to avoid the $50 fine.  And, if you had sticky fingers in your house when it came to keeping track of the game money, no need to worry as the iPad will act as a bank, that will keep track all all accounts, by adding and subtracting money with a simple tap of a special bank card. Though Monopoly zAPPed Edition uses today’s technology, some traditional gameplay elements remain. Just like the classic version of Monopoly, players still enjoy the thrill of rolling the dice and moving their favorite token around the Monopoly zAPPed game board in this version that combines the best of digital and face-to-face gaming.


Since receiving this game, I have played it with my husband as a date night activity, and like I said above, with my parents.  We find it more fun when there are 4 players playing along.  My husband has yet to win, but he sets out with each game strategizing about how to own the most properties.  I keep telling him that one day, he will strike it rich, but that he needs to play in order to win.  Don't tell him, but this is just my way of getting him to play along, with one of my favorite board games.  By adding the iPad to the game, it really does make this classic game even more fun to play.

With the summer upon us, why not make those boring summer night a blast with the new MONOPOLY zAPPED edition?  Good luck at stopping at just one game.  My family and I have found ourselves having multiple rematches, as we all try to strike it rich and win the game.


MONOPOLY zAPPED Edition retails for only $29.99, and is available at major retailers nationwide, as well as through online retail sites.  Click here to order directly from the Hasbro website.

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.


  1. What a fun idea I didn't know they had this.

  2. have to get one of those. i like the classical monopoly the most