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Baby Blanket Music CD (Billy Joel) - Soothing Lullaby Arrangements of Songs Made Famous by Billy Joel (Review)

Soothing Lullaby Arrangements of Your Favorite Songs

Baby Blanket Music takes your favorite songs from your favorite artists and arranges them just right so that now they can be your baby’s favorites too! Whether singing along softly, cruising quietly in the car, or lulling to sleepy slumber, this is the perfect way to share your music with your little one.

Developed under the guidance of a wide range of doctors, teachers and child development specialists, and approved by babies and parents of all ages, Baby Blanket Music is designed to soothe while enhancing the enjoyment and cognition of music.

Familiar baby sounds like vibraphones and music boxes are paired with a full medley of rich, classical instruments including strings, woodwinds, pianos, harps and soft percussion. Together, these instrumental arrangements create gentle textures that are calming and enjoyable to ears of any age!

Collection of albums featuring unique, soothing lullaby arrangements:

- Billy Joel
- Elton John
- Garth Brooks
- John Mayer
- Lady Gaga
- Madonna
- Michael Jackson
- Simon & Garfunkel
- The Beatles

My Thoughts:

Baby Blanket Music CD (Billy Joel) - Soothing Lullaby Arrangements of Songs Made Famous by Billy Joel
Click here to listen to snippets of the tracks on this CD.

I was sent a copy of the Billy Joel soothing lullaby arrangements CD.  Who knew that Uptown Girl and Tell Her About It, both upbeat and toe-tapping songs, would help lull my fussy 6 month old to sleep?  I had heard about these CD's a short time ago, when Lady Gaga's version was released.  I wondered to myself it these CD's actually worked in creating soothing lullaby arrangements.  I am not a skeptic anymore, after listening to this CD from titles 1-10 with both my daughters on a recent car trip to visit their grandparents.  Many people say that car rides put their young children to sleep. This works for me, if they are getting sleepy and are on schedule with their naps.  But, get the both of them in the car when they are overdue for a nap and overtired and cranky, and the car ride has me asking "Are we there yet?"  When I played this CD in the car, both girls had missed their late morning nap and were beginning their temper tantrums.  I told them to listen to the music and began to play the first track, Piano Man.  Within minutes, Arabella stopped fussing, and Savannah began bopping her head side to side, enjoying the music.  By the time the 5th track, She's Always a Woman came on, they were both sound asleep.  I thought to myself, "Where has this CD been?"  I can't tell you how many of these car rides I went on, that by the time I reached our destination, I was ready for a nap, or a cocktail :-)  And, the return ride homes were no picnic, either.

Now, whenever we are heading out for the day, or a long drive, I make sure I have my Baby Blanket Music CD in the cd player, ready to go.  I have even been using it this past week, as Arabella has begun teething, and trying to get her to sleep at night has been a challenge to say the least.  I set the CD player up in her nursery, and like magic, by the fourth or fifth song, she is fast asleep.  And, if she does wake up fussy, I will quickly change her diaper, and give her a bottle, while she listens to more soothing lullaby music of Billy Joel's popular songs.  

These songs are great for parents, too.  I have found myself listening to the entire CD, long after the girls have fallen asleep.  Each track is so relaxing, that it helps you calm down and relieve some of the stressors from the day.  I have always been a fan of Billy Joel's music, and love She's Got a Way and Piano Man, and was happy to see these songs as tracks on this CD. 

So, if you are looking for another way to sooth your child, besides rocking them or driving them around the car, why not give this CD or others from the Baby Blanket Music collection a try.  Like I said, I didn't think they would work, but was pleasantly surprised at how they were able to turn some of Billy Joel's upbeat songs into soothing lullaby-type songs.  Now, I am wondering how Lady Gaga and Madonna's CD versions sound.

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Click here to order this title and others from the Baby Blanket Music collection. My next CD purchase will be either Lady Gaga's or Elton John's.  What about you?

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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