Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SMALL CHANGE CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE -- Thanks to the New Glad ‘less plastic’ Product Line (Review)

Just because Earth Day has come and gone, doesn't mean you can't continue to do your part in helping to preserve our planet.  The Glad Products Company, has been doing a huge eco-friendly push within the last several months, which is all about helping consumers take small steps to waste less. They also recently introduced the new Glad ‘less plastic’ product line, and will be rolling out additional recyclable and compostable bags, available on shelves nationwide this summer. For additional info, visit http://www.glad.com/waste-less/


That's the message behind our new Glad® Tall Kitchen Drawstring Bags that are now stronger and use less plastic.
Our innovative new bags have a series of reinforcing bands to help add strength while using less plastic. Using Glad Tall Kitchen bags can help keep 6.5 million pounds of plastic (the equivalent of 140 million trash bags) out of landfills each year.

I was recently sent samples of Glad trash bags, as well as a compost bin and compost bins compostable bags to sample, and love how these eco-friendly products are helping my family and I  to cut down on waste. Since using the new Glad ‘less plastic’ product line, in addition the compost bin I was sent, I have seen the number of trash bags we put out for the garbage go from 4, all the way down to 2.  This is as a result of putting food scraps in the compost bin, and recycling more of the trash we used to just throw in the trash bin.  Thanks to GLAD and their Tools on Recylcling information, my family is more eco-conscious and we know what goes where, when it comes to disposing of trash and recyclable materials.  As for the compost bin GLAD sent my family, I love how compact it is.  I have found a place for it on the kitchen counter, and now whenever I am prepping dinner, I have a place to put compostable food scraps.

Check out this handy "What Goes Where" chart that Glad offers as past of their Tools on Recycling section on their website.  In addition to this chart, you can also learn where you can recycle through an online search, as well as by downloading their handy Glad TrashSmart app.

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-Information provided to contact 1-800-RECYCLING.com about new or closed recycling centers

Did you do anything special in honor of Earth Day?  Do you do your part each and every day to help protect our Earth?  If not, why not begin by switching to the new Glad ‘less plastic’ product line, or by picking up a compost bin today. With these easy steps, your family will begin to see a change in the way you dispose of trash, begin to recycle more and become more eco-friendly.  Remember, Earth Day should be celebrated every day!


You can purchase GLAD products from your favorite local retailer, as well as online.  Prices vary depending on product and box count.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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