Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Are You Bitter Sensitive When It Comes To Vegetable Consumption? I Took the Hidden Valley Ranch Taste Test to Find Out for Myself (Review)


Recently, the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recently conducted a pretty interesting study, which found bitter sensitive kids will consume 80 percent more vegetables when paired with a dip, such as Hidden Valley Original Ranch dressing. After reading this study in its entirety, I wondered if my daughter, Savannah was a bitter sensitive kid?  The kind folks at Hidden Valley sent me a taster study kit, which includes samples of their ranch dressing and tester strips, in an eco-friendly tote.  Upon receiving, I tried the bitter test on myself to find that I was bitter sensitive.  Then, after Savannah saw me to do, I walked her through the same test, to find out that she, too, is bitter sensitive.  And, just like the findings in the recent study, I have noticed that Savannah will eat more vegetables when paired with dips.  Thanks to this study and tester kit from Hidden Valley, I will now make sure to include dips, like Hidden Valley ranch dressing with vegetables I offer Savannah.  I have been using Hidden Valley ranch dressing for years on my salads, as well as with veggie platters I serve to guests who come over for parties.  I can't wait to share this study with them, the next time I serve up my famous veggie and dip platter.  And, with tester strips to spare, I will let family and friends conduct the test for themselves, to see if they are bitter sensitive like Savannah and I.

Have you ever taken a bitter sensitivity test?  If you or your child is bitter sensitive, you may shy away from eating healthy veggies like cucumbers and broccoli, because of their unpleasant taste.  But, next time, why not try pairing these bitter veggies with a dip, like Hidden Valley's new "Hidden Valley for Everything , which is now thicker and designed for dipping fries, wings, etc.; the idea being it’s the new ketchup.   Who knows? You may even like them, when paired with a dip, like this one.

More about the new Hidden Valley for Everything Dressing:

The new line comes as ranch dressing continues to assert itself as one of America's favorite tastes.  In addition to being the most frequently used dressing on salads – ranch dressing is used on one-third of salads according to 2011 statistics from NPD – ranch dressing is increasingly finding a role on other foods.  In fact, according to 2011 research from NPD, more than 30 percent of ranch use is outside of salads, with chicken, potatoes (including French fries), pizza and sandwiches among the top uses.
The new Hidden Valley for Everything line includes Original Ranch®, which offers the same great flavor as Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® salad dressing but with a thicker consistency, and Salsa Ranch, which provides the touch of spice that many people love on hamburgers and fries.

To help Americans expand their snack and meal repertoire, the Hidden Valley® Team suggests the following pairings for the new Topping & Dip products:
  • Put Down the Parmesan. Try topping your favorite pizza with the Original Ranch flavor for a delicious twist.
  • Step Aside Sour Cream. Swap Salsa Ranch for the typical sour cream, salsa and guacamole that accompany quesadillas and nachos. Baked potatoes taste great with a dollop and you only need one topping.
  • Barbecue's Best Kept Secret. The thicker, spreadable consistency of the new Topping & Dip is the perfect accompaniment to your burgers and fries, replace ketchup and barbecue sauce next time you grill out.
  • Appetizer Aid. No time to make a fancy baked dip? Pull out your favorite Topping & Dip flavor and whatever veggies you have on hand for a quick and simple spread.
  • Chase Blues Away. Swap bleu cheese dressing as your favorite chicken wing dunker.
The suggested retail price for the new dressings is $4.39 for the 20 oz. size and $3.19 for the 12 oz. variety. It is now available at retailers nationwide.

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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