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Mother's Day Gift Giving Guide -- The TowelPad/BlanketPad from Lorraine's Creations(Review)


Lorraine's Creations

I am excited to share this next Mother's Day gift idea with you, as we have been using these two products in our home these past couple of weeks while the girls and I have been sick.  I am talking about the TowelPad and BlanketPad, created by Lorraine Milton, a military disabled veteran.  These versatile pads serve many purposes, which as a busy mom, I love.  

Some of the uses for these pads include:

  • Baby Diaper Changer Pad
  • Picnic blanket for the beach or park
  • Used in a sunroom, as a blanket or floor mat
  • Craft mat
  • Game mat
  • Etc... The possibilities are endless
Just look at the BlanketPad in use:

The BlanketPad came in so handy, as a sofa protector, as Savannah kept throwing and going the bathroom.  She loved the feel of the fleece material, and even snuggled with the pillows that Lorraine included, which matched the TowelPad and BlanketPads beautifully.  I loved how the pads were doubled sides, one side with either a towel or fleece blanket, while the other was vinyl or faux leather.  With the few diaper accidents, formula and milk spills, I didn't have to worry about cleaning the upholstery.  Instead, I simply took these decorate and versatile pads off the sofa or floor and throw in the wash.  I made a point to wash these pads each night, and loved how after each wash and air dry, they kept their form and didn't pill or snag.  

When Savannah wasn't lounging on the couch, on the BlanketPad, she would play on the floor, on the TowelPad (photos coming soon).  With the frequent diaper changes from the nasty stomach bug she had, came along  a painful diaper rash.  To help sooth her irritated bottom, I would let Savannah play on the pad without her diaper.  Usually, I wouldn't do this, as she has had accidents in the past on the hard wood, but after seeing how durable these pads were, I knew the TowelPad would offer the protection I needed, while providing a soft spot for Savannah to sit on.  

Both the TowelPad and BlanketPad became instant diaper changing mats during this week, which made changing a diaper on the fly easy, as I wasn't shuffling around trying to find a towel to lay down, or rush the girls to the changing table upstairs.

Now, don't think these pads were just for them.  Both my husband and I enjoyed resting on the BlanketPad after the girls went to bed.  The added pillows provided a comfortable and inviting space to relax.  I was even surprised at how it dressed up the sofa.  I have used sofa covers in the past, but hated how they wouldn't fit right, or would bunch up when sat on.  The BlanketPad Lorraine created fit perfectly on my sofa, and stayed in place, even when we laid on it.  As for the TowelPad, this provided a neat indoor picnic mat, to enjoy lunch with Savannah, or dessert with my husband, after a long day with the girls.  And, just the other day, when it was raining, Savannah asked for an indoor picnic and helped me lay out the terry cloth TowelPad.  We had a great time having our picnic lunch, followed up by story time, and then a nap, all on this comfortable pad.

Even though I have only been using these patent-pending pads for a short time, and mainly with my girls while they have been cooped up in the house sick, I know that I will find more uses for them in the months ahead.  My husband used the TowelPad over the weekend at a seat cover in the car, when he took our two rescue dogs to the vet.  If our other dog, Manny, who we had to put down last month, was still around, the TowelPad would have provided a cooling relief for his irritated skin, as he loved laying on towels, on the couch.  

So, if you are looking for a fun and unique gift to give your mom this Mother's Day, why not surprise her with a TowelPad or BlanketPad from Lorraine's Creations.  You can order directly from her Etsy site, where she offers a variety of color, size and fabric choices.  Just look at some of the styles she is offering right now:

Aren't they just beautiful?  You really have to see these up close to appreciate their many uses.  Any mom would love to receive this unique gift, as would any child.  If you end up ordering one of these pads, I'd love to hear what other uses you have found for them.

---BUY NOW---

Click here to visit Lorraine's Etsy store, and order a TowelPad or BlanketPad for yourself or someone you love this Mother's Day. Each pad is available in sizes small (approx. 20"x30") l, large (approx. 40'x 60") , or Jumbo (approx. 80'x 120").

 Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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