Monday, April 30, 2012

The next adpropo Treasure Hunt t Will Take Place on Wednesday night, May 2nd at 9 PM ET. -- Sign Up to Win Up to $1500 in Prizes!!!!

Don't miss your chance to win up to $1500 in prizes!!!

Adpropo is a brand new social and entertainment site that allows consumers to have fun, receive value, and collaborate with brands – when and where they expect it.  

Adpropo asked consumers how YOU feel about ads, something that doesn’t show up very much in all the research around online ads!
Adpropo is in its beta phase, testing out some different ways to provide fun & games with brands.  There are four main elements of the site:
PLAY: Live online Treasure Hunts for cash and prizes, games, contests and more.  
SHARE: Idea Labs encourage consumer interaction and collaboration with brands.  A Message Center allows consumers to sign up for the brands that matter to them and then receive info within a designated on-site Inbox.  
WIN: Incentives include virtual points, cash prizes, gift cards, and support of great charities based on participation.  As the site expands, so will the prize and support opportunities.
CHANGE:  adpropo is all about changing how consumers learn about brands (to a better way for the consumer).  Plus, by tying cause support to activity, adpropo would like to change the world!
How can you check it out?
  • Sign up for adpropo at
  • Check out the list of Treasure Hunts by clicking on that tab – those are the most interactive and have the biggest prize opportunities!  Sign up early for any that you can make – they all happen LIVE and online, and registration closes at Go time.
  • Go onto the detail page and click the red Register button (you have to be logged in to the site)
  • Read the information provided 
  • Show up a couple minutes early to make sure your clock isn’t different than the site clock – and to review details and make sure you are set to go.
  • The next Treasure Hunts are scheduled for:
    • May 2nd at 9 PM ET for $1,500 in giveaways "It's the Guys' Turn"
    • May 16th at 9 PM ET for $2,500 in giveaways 
(Keep your Facebook  page open to adpropo because some trash talk / updates might just break out during the events!)  

Go to the Games section and try out the picture puzzles and trivia challenges.  The Idea Lab is the place for sharing ideas and feedback – the site is brand new, so help get some conversations flowing.

*The founder is looking for feedback and ideas, so feel free to email her at [email protected].

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