Friday, April 27, 2012

My Guilty Pleasure -- CelebrityMe (Review)

Come on...We all have a guilty pleasure we keep from our family and friends.  A few months ago, mine was reality television shows, following famous celebrities (hint, they are three sisters, and airs on E!). As I lay there rocking my babies to sleep, I would turn on the television and watch these shows, wondering how people could live like this.  I have to say, these types of shows are addicting, as I found myself tuning in each week to see what was happening in their lives, like I knew them. But, as my nights got longer and more interrupted, I found this guilty pleasure slowly going away.  And, until recently, I was left with  finding a new guilty pleasure to wrap my "free time" around.  That was, until I stumbled across CelebrityMe, a new app game, which you can play through Facebook.  CelebrityMe is a game that lets you be the star, cast your friends in the supporting roles and live out your celebrity fantasies.  As you play the game, you will come across some fun partnerships they have set up including Titanic 3D, Taylor Guitars, and a live entertainment news feed.  This game reminded me of those SIMS games, with this one being that you are building a career, compared to a metropolis or amusement park.  

When I first heard about this new game, I didn't think I would like it.  Who would want to sit behind a computer pretending to live the life of a celebrity?  But, after playing it a few times, I was hooked.  If you ever wondered how the celebrities lived, and how they got their start, then you will get a feel for it with this new Facebook game.  You begin play by creating and naming your celebrity self.  Then, you are shoved into the limelight with a carpet walking at your first movie premiere.  Like celebrities, you mingle with the press and meet and take photos with your fans.  As you do this, you earn points and unlock mini games, allowing you buy more clothes and receive better critic ratings.  After your initial red carpet walk, you are then transported back to Venice Beach, where you must learn the ropes, and work your way towards fame, by choosing the right outfits, attending the right parties, mingling with the right people, avoiding scandals, etc. -- just, like many of your celebrity faves started out.  

CelebrityMe Key Features: 

-- Create Your Celebrity -- Players can customize everything about their celebrity alter-ego from the stage name they choose, to their hairstyle, down to the shoes they wear. Dressing the part for everything from auditions to nightclubbing is an important step to becoming a star.
-- Find Your Calling -- Players choose a celebrity career path with a focus on Hollywood, music or the socialite lifestyle, and can even go for it all to become the envious triple threat.
-- Become a Star -- For the first time ever in a social game, players can create in-game animated movies, TV shows, and music videos starring themselves and their friends.
-- Build Your Entourage -- Each animated performance, or ‘Gig’, lets players cast their real-world Facebook friends to fill the character roles, be it a love interest or villain. Acting as casting agent, producer, director, stylist and star, players can change each element of the ‘Gig’ as many times as desired to achieve better reviews.
-- Share the Love - Each fully-customized ‘Gig’ can be shared on the player’s Facebook timeline or sent to friends for a fun, interactive, user-generated experience.