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Welcome in Spring with a Good Book: Lemons and Lavender: The Eco Guide to Better Homekeeping By Billee Sharp (Review)


Trade paper
ISBN 978-1-936740-10-9
7 1/4 x 7 1/4, 288 pages

Available on April 22nd.


Hundreds of Ideas for Healthy, Happy and Fabulously Frugal Homekeeping

Bursting with ways to downshift, simplify, preserve resources, and honor the planet, Lemons and Lavender will give you tools to reclaim a purer, tastier, healthier and less expensive way of life. Sharp shares her radical common sense and revolutionary "freeconomics" approach to budgeting in this step-by-step guide to the good life.

Creative ideas inside Lemons and Lavender:

• Garden-to-table recipes for every meal
• Eco-deco ideas for furnishing your home
• Recipes for nontoxic cleaners, house paint and more
• Start a seed sharing garden with your neighbors
• Easy-to-make gifts with handcrafted gift wrap
• Grow your own cup of delicious herbal tea
• Learn to use organic sea salts, skin scrubs and detox bath therapies

My Thoughts:

You don't have to be totally frugal to enjoy this book.  As a busy mom of two young children, I am always looking for ways to cut down on cleaning and meal prep, as well as finding ways to cut costs.  I couldn't believe how cock full of useful information this book contained.  Usually I have a highlighter next to me when reading books, to highlight important things, or thing I want to try.  But, as I began reading this book, I noticed I was highlighting everything.  And, once I was done reading this book cover to cover, I couldn't wait to try out the tips and recipes.  I especially loved the section about gardening and how to properly grow herbs and vegetables.  As a result of this section, I am trying to grow an herb garden, including cilantro and oregano.  And, with Easter around I loved the recipe for homemade dyes.  For example, did you know that you could use beets for a pink dye for eggs, red cabbage leaves for blue dye, or tumeric for yellow dyed eggs?  I can't wait to try this recipe out with Savannah this year.

I loved the last chapter of this book, which was jam packed with recipes, including soups, appetizers and quick and easy meals.  With over 60 pages of recipes, you are bound to find recipes that you, too, will want to try.  I have made the sourdough bread starter a few times now, and shared the recipe with family and friends.  Through the use of these recipes, I have cut down on my grocery shopping spending and time in the kitchen, letting me spend more time with the girls. 

I am so happy that I found this book, which has wonderful resources for people looking to simplify their lives.  Through step-by-steps tip and ideas, you will be able to achieve a healthier and less expensive way of life.  So, with spring upon us, why not add this book to your must read list.  You will be glad that you did!

About the Author:

Billee Sharp was born and raised in a little village in Dorset, England, where she spent a lot of time at the garden gate waving to passersby. She studied anthropology and ancient history at University College London. Billee went on to style herself a career as a contemporary art curator and gallerist. Working with Damien Hirst and others, she opened Building One, a huge gallery in an old biscuit factory, and mounted a series of group shows which contributed to the emergence of the YBAs. Quickly disenchanted with the art world, she turned her interest to the underground house music scene flourishing in London. Not long afterward, Billee moved to California. In 1993, she took up residence in San Francisco and started both a family and record label with Scotsman Jonah Sharp, a pioneering electronic musician. The birthplace of counterculture has been a wellspring of inspiration for her life and her creative writing. 

Disclosure:  I was sent a copy of this book by the publisher in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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