Thursday, March 15, 2012

Uncle Matt's Organic Juice -- 100% Juice, with No Added Flavoring -- Each Glass is Simply Delicious! (Review)


While I was at Whole Foods this past weekend, I also stumbled upon another product I had been looking for to try -- Uncle Matt’s Organic. Uncle Matt's offers delicious organic and not-from-concentrate juices!

Products Available:

59 oz. organic Orchard-Style Apple Juice
All USA FruitBold, beautiful and brown, our not-from-concentrate organic apple juice is orchard-style, which means we’ve left all the good stuff in. Its dark brown color and swirls of apple pectin tell you it’s full of healthy antioxidants and essential dietary fiber. 

Did you know it packs 4x the antioxidant punch over its clear counterpart? What’s more, our cold-pressed method preserves maximum flavor so you’ll think it was fresh-picked, pressed and poured right at the orchard stand.

With a premium blend of USA grown seasonal apples, including fuji, gala, golden, granny smith and red delicious, 6 oz. of our juice equals one serving of fruit and contains only apples grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Brought to you by a family as committed to uncompromised organic nutrition as you are.

59 oz. organic Homestyle Lemonade (all USA fruit)
All USA FruitOn a hot day, my nieces love nothing more than a glass of refreshing
lemonade. So we’ve created our own delicious blend of lemonade for you to savor. 

Our lemonade is made from freshly squeezed USA grown organic lemons picked at the height of the season and grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. It’s the perfect balance of tart and sweet, so you can enjoy the fresh-squeezed taste of Uncle Matt's homestyle lemonade anytime. So go ahead and enjoy the taste of summer.

Brought to you by a family as committed to uncompromised organic nutrition as you are.

Uncle Matt's lemonade uses only organic ingredients and is offered in family-friendly 59 oz size. As with all Uncle Matt's products, no synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are ever used in the growing process.

59 oz. organic Grapefruit Juice
All USA FruitEnergize your day with the refreshing taste of new Uncle Matt's premium grapefruit juice. A delicious blend of mellow USA grown Ruby Reds and robust Whites, our 100% pure Florida organic grapefruit juice is a great alternative to the morning juice glass, not to mention a nutritious pick-me-up that's packed with health benefits all its own.

Just like orange juice, grapefruit juice is full of vitamin C. It's also a source of calcium, folic acid, phosphorus and potassium. What you might not know is that there's a bounty of health benefits derived from grapefruit's powerful phytonutrients –– like free radical-fighting lycopene and disease-deterring limonoids.

All of Uncle Matt's flavorful and delicious grapefruit juice comes from its family of dedicated organic citrus growers throughout the state of Florida. Available in 59 oz. size, the juice is not-from-concentrate, flash-pasteurized and USDA certified organic.
Go ahead and taste for yourself why organic grapefruit juice from Florida has been Papaw's favorite for decades.

59 oz. Pure Organic Orange Juice
Our organic orange juice is...
A family recipe. Our juice is a delicious blend of USA grown organic Hamlin and Valencia oranges developed over four generations. The Hamlin orange was Uncle Matt's grandfather's favorite orange because of its high vitamin C content and dynamic, robust flavor. He would squeeze a glass every morning before he rode the groves. The Valencia orange is Florida's most famous variety, known for its deep orange color and sweet juice.When you blend these two together you get a dynamite fresh squeezed taste reminiscent of a roadside stand.

All USA Fruit100% pure organic fruit. Worldwide, USA citrus is known for its superior juice quality and flavor; famous for its naturally sweet taste. That's why we use only USA grown fruit for our delicious juice blend. You won't find Brazil or Mexico on our label –- only USA's finest!

Soft squeezed for maximum flavor. We squeeze every piece of fruit using the FMC premium juice machines. These machines are set for optimum flavor by reducing the average pressure while squeezing. This helps reduce the potential for any bitterness from the peel, and keeps our juice tasting fresh.

Organically grown. All of our fruit is grown using USDA certified organic methods. Our family's philosophy rests on building a healthy soil, which in turn builds a healthy tree and great tasting fruit. Farming without the use of harmful pesticides is better for you and the environment...your tastebuds will agree.

No added flavor packets. Our juice is pure and natural without any added flavor, flavor packets, or peel oil. Did you know many brands must add peel oil or flavor to help boost their taste? We wait to harvest when the brix (farmer jargon for sugar) is high and the acid is low, guaranteeing a deliciously smooth, sweet taste.

I ended up picking up a bottle of Uncle Matt's Organic Apple Juice, as well as their Organic Orange Juice.  Now that Savannah is drinking whole milk and juices, I make a point to buy her juices that are made from 100% juice, and not from concentrate.  Most of my friends with young children spend top dollar on organic juices, but don't check the labels to see if they contain 100% juice.  Just the other day at a playdate meetup, I opened up a juice box of one of my daughter's friends, and noticed it only contained 10% juice.  When I asked my friend why she likes this brand, she said because it was "organic."  Then, I showed her Savannah's new organic apple juice from Uncle Matt's Organic.  I let her and her son try a glass, and they both loved it.  My friend's son even asked for some in his sippy cup, instead of the juice his mom brought.  Within 3 days, Savannah has finished this bottle of juice.  Each and every time I gave her a sippy cup full, she couldn't stop smiling between sips, and continually said, "Yum!"

As for the orange juice, which my husband and I tried, it was so delicious.  I am not a huge fan of OJ due to the acid reflux it causes me, but after trying a glass, I didn't have any issues with acid.  As we took sips of this juice, we couldn't believe how fresh it tasted.  If you hadn't seen me pour it from a bottle, you would have thought I spent the whole morning squeezing fresh oranges.  

In addition to giving me acid reflux, other orange juice products also leave me thirsty afterwards -- but, not Uncle Matt's Organic.  After just one glass, I felt refreshed and was rearing to go.  With the warmer months around the corner, I can't wait to try Uncle Matt's Organic Lemonade.  I have heard from others that this juice is so tasty, and a great thirst quencher.  Overall, my experience with Uncle Matt's Organic juices has been great.  I am so glad I finally found it at a local retailer, and will be making a point to pick up more of their organic apple juice for Savannah and her friends.

To locate a store near you, visit  I guarantee that once you try a bottle of Uncle Matt's Organic juice, you will not be going back to your old brands, which are usually from concentrate and watered down.

Disclosure:  I was sent coupons to redeem for free samples from the vendor, in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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