Thursday, March 1, 2012

Murals Your Way -- Savannah's New Dinosaur Train Themed Room (Review)



Now that Savannah is a big sister, we have had to make adjustments to the sleeping patterns we kept with her.  Prior to Arabella's arrival, Savannah was co-sleeping with us.  We didn't start co-sleeping like some parents do, for the extra bonding.  Instead, after many sleepless nights due to her colic, we ended up putting Savannah in our bed, in order to get a few hours of shut eye.  We found that if she slept next to us, she would remain asleep after her 1AM bottle feeding.  And, as time went on, it became second nature to have her sleep with us, as she continued to go longer and longer without waking for a bottle, while snuggling next to us.  I have to say, I found this enjoyable in the beginning -- being able to cuddle and hold my precious daughter.  But, as she grew, so did her need to roll around, stretch out, whack us in the end, push us closer and closer to the edge of the bed, to the point that both my husband and I went without covers, were hugging the edge of the bed, and even waking up with sore shoulders and backs.  When we found out Arabella was coming, we began trying to brake the habit of co-sleeping.  Many friends told us their horror stories of many sleepless nights trying to get their children to sleep in their cribs or toddler beds, to the impossible stories, with toddlers still sleeping with their parents to this day.  How would Savannah react to sleeping in her own bed?  Well, we were about to find out, shortly after Arabella arrived in November.  

Today marks the first day in March of 2012, and I can say that Savannah is finally out of our bed.  But, she still hasn't made her way to her own bedroom.  Instead, she remains sleeping on her toddler mattress at the foot of our bed, while her little sister is fast asleep in her crib, in what was originally Savannah's room.  The only time Savannah goes into this room is when I carry her up the stairs to check on her sister during the day, when she naps.  Other than that, she would rather be as far away from this room as possible.  I guess she still remembers the month long battle we had trying to get her accustomed to this room.  We tried sleeping on the floor and letting her cry it out, but neither worked -- thus, her camping out at the foot of our bed.  But, now that Savannah is almost 2 (well, she is only 19 months, but close), we are hoping that by seeing her sister sleep alone in her room, that Savannah will want to follow suit.  And, to make this idea more appealing, we have spent the past few weeks turning one of the guest bedrooms into Savannah's own room.  We painted the walls a soothing buttercream and added a mural to the wall.  This is no ordinary mural.  It is a Dinosaur Train mural from Murals Your Way.  When I stumbled across this mural site, I knew we had to get a custom mural to fit this new room we were preparing for Savannah.  So, after measuring the walls and sending the measurements over to Murals Your Way, within 3 weeks, we received our custom made Dinosaur Train mural in the mail.  The instructions were easy to read and understand, stating you simply had to peel the back paper off the mural and apply to the wall, rubbing out any air bubbles.  Easy, right?  Well, surprisingly it was!  This past weekend, my parents came down to visit with the girls, while my husband and I snuck upstairs to apply the mural to the freshly painted wall.  It took us about 40 minutes to precisely peel and apply the mural, as we took our time making sure we didn't bunch up the mural, or cause any puckering in the seams we were piecing together.  In total, we had to apply 3 panels to the wall, matching up the scenes, as we applied each panel.  In the end, after this 2-person project, we stepped back to enjoy the masterpiece that now adorned our daughter's new room.  I have grown to love Dinosaur Train, as I watch it daily with Savannah, and have fallen in love with the Pteranodon family.  So, it was nice to see them on our daughter's bedroom wall.  As I looked at the mural, I secretly wished that I had something like this on my walls growing up.  My mother had a friend paint and stencil Disney characters on my bedroom walls, before I began hanging posters up.  But, after looking at this amazing mural, I couldn't get over how it added another dimension to my daughter's bedroom.  

We are almost done getting this room ready to surprise Savannah with.  The last thing I need to do is pick up two car beds that I found through a Craigslist listing this past weekend.  We will be getting them this upcoming Saturday.  On Sunday, Savannah will be in for a surprise! I can't wait to see her reaction when she walks into her new bedroom and sees this realistic Dinosaur Train mural on her wall.  This mural has become the focal point of the room.  You can't walk by without walking in to admire this work of art.  This mural by Murals Your Way will certainly be enjoyed for years to come, by both my girls.  I'll keep you posted on how long it takes to get Savannah to sleep in this new room, once we introduce it to her on Sunday.  Fingers crossed that it will not take too long...

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review

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