Monday, March 5, 2012

iPad Apps for Kids -- The Little Blue Doggy (Review)


It's the wonderful world of "The Little Blue Doggy". Watch and enjoy the story of Snag, a stuffed doggy with a red cotton tail. Read along and see what predicament he encounters when left home all alone. Listen as his parents discover him after his encounter with a gang of hungry mites. Learn what becomes of him and how his mom helps him out in the end.

It's a doggy's life!

- Charming and heartfelt story about courage and perseverance

- Delightful musical performances

- Beautiful illustrations and sharp animation

- Superior recording quality

- A captivating reading experience

- Simple and quick navigation

Explore the life of The Little Blue Doggy through five features.

- Read the story-song

- Listen to the story-song

- Watch an animated version of the story-song

- Sing the story-song in karaoke

This inspiring app is based on on the fun and engaging, original storybook-music CD titled "The Little Blue Doggy" written by Lionel Daunais more than 50 years ago. The music is performed by award-winning singer-songwriters Michelle Campagne, Paul Campagne and Davy Gallant. Illustrations were created by illustrator Marie Lafrance, and published by The Secret Mountain.


My Thoughts:

I was able to try out this iPad app with Savannah, thanks to the folks at The Secret Mountain.  As soon as the app began, we were both hooked by the catchy intro.  I love apps that offer a read alone, listen and follow along and video feature to their apps.  There are times I love sitting down with Savannah to read an e-book and having the ability to read it to hear, instead of following along.  And, then, there are times when I am busy tending to her little sister, that I need for her to entertain herself for a few minutes.  This is where I love the listen or watch feature of this and other apps.  Savannah is a huge fan of all type of music, and as soon as she hears it, she can't help but dance and swing her arms around.  This was true with this app.  As I sang along to 13 songs included in this app, Savannah provided the dance accompaniment to it.  And, I found the narration, which is done in a soothing tone, makes for a great bedtime read.  

Who can resist this little blue doggy, named Snag, who is different from others, but unique and special in his own right.  This story-song app teaches young children about courage and perseverance through this beautifully illustrated story, set to wonderful music.  I found myself enjoying the illustrations at times, while Savannah followed along with the story.  The detail of the little blue doggy and his surroundings is wonderfully illustrated.

Children will love watching Snag, the little blue doggy with the red cotton tail get into trouble, only to have his family come to the rescue.  This is the second app I have reviewed from The Secret Mountain. Savannah still loves playing with A Duck in NYC, and dancing along to the addicting song.  I have found myself at times singing this song in the shower.  :-)

So, if you are looking for wholesome and entertaining apps to share with your children, that are easy to navigate through and will be played with time and again, then why not check out The Little Blue Doggy from The Secret Mountain today?  You will be glad you did!


Think your children will love this iPad app?  I know they will!  Click here to buy from the iTunes store for only $3.99.

Disclosure:  I was given a code to download this app free of charge from the vendor, in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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