Friday, February 24, 2012

Product Review: SNAP Infusion Gum

SNAP Infusion ( is a naturally-designed  low-calorie, healthy alternative to traditional candy.  The entire line is infused with natural ingredients and functional benefits. The product line includes Mel, Tart, Gum, Gummy and Bean. Each pack is loaded with B vitamins to boost energy, antioxidants to support the immune system and electrolytes to balance hydration - and will kick your sweet cravings to the curb! (


Citrus – You could climb an entire mountain while chewing our Gum and have enough energy left to blow a celebratory bubble at the summit. Each piece is packed with a SNAP-ton of citrus flavor that lasts beyond your tongue's wildest dreams. Yes, your tongue has dreams.

Short for caramel. Mel loves to hang out and have fun, but also has a sophisticated side that reveals rich flavor with every bite. With all the vibe of vintage caramel, Mel is a true classic, naturally re-mastered for today.

Fruit-Full – It's the most advanced Tart known to humankind, a snack naturally designed to rocket your taste buds into the stratosphere. We used super science to squeeze massive flavor into a small space, so toss a handful into your mouth and hang on tight.


Multi-Berry – You know the tale of the magic beans, right? We've harnessed that same power, so you can eat a few of our Beans and preside over your own kingdom of delicious delights. Once the Multi-Berry flavor takes over, you know you're good to grow.

Multi-Berry – Save the bear shapes for stuffed animals – our Gummy offers pure function mixed with mega flavor. And since waiting is boring, our Gummy unleashes great taste right from the get-go to supercharge your very being.

My Thoughts:

I was samples of SNAP's citrus gum, MEL caramels and their fruit-ful TARTS to try.  After reading about this brand, and how they use natural ingredients, as well infuse their products with Vitamin B, antioxidants and electrolytes, I was eager to see how they tasted?  I have tried other so-called healthy infused candies in the past, but was disappointed to find that they tasted like medicine, or lacked flavor all together.  Surprisingly, each of the SNAP Infusion candies I sampled tasted great.  What a way to satisfy a sweet tooth, while helping to boost your energy and immune system.  This is a great product to have on hand as a busy mom to two children under the age of 2.  I have been finding myself reaching for unhealthy snacks that are laying around the house for a quick energy boost during the day, but then end up feeling fatigued at night time once I begin to crash from the sugar high.  But, after trying each of these SNAP Infusion supercandy products, I didn't experience the crashing, and also found that I was not getting run down as much.  I wish I had these candies back in December, when my immune system was battling the nasty head cold I kept passing back and forth with my daughters. 

I love how they come in handy packs that can be thrown in my diaper bag, pocket or left out on kitchen counter for a quick energy boost.  My husband tried a few pieces of citrus gum and loved it.  He said he will be getting more of this for when he does his running, to help keep his electrolytes in check and his energy up.

So, if you are looking for a healthy alternative when it comes to candy, whey not try SNAP INFUSION today.  Not only will you be satisfying your sweet tooth cravings, but your body will thank you for it!

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Click here to see if there is a store near you that carries SNAP Infusion products.  If not, then you can order online by clicking here.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples for review from the vendor, in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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