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HAPPYFAMILY -- Organic Baby and Toddler Food (Review)

HAPPYFAMILY is the nation's leading premium organic baby and toddler food brand, and the only brand to feature a complete line of infant nutrition - from cereals to snacks - for babies' growing bodies. (

Products Available for Both Baby and Toddlers:
Our HAPPYTOT line is the first and only baby food fortified with Salba®, nature’s super-grain. These 4.22 ounce pouches pack a lot of punch in the form of omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and minerals; and they come in six delicious flavor combinations:

• Green beans, pears & peas
• Sweet potato, apple, carrots & cinnamon
• Banana, mango & peach
• Apple & butternut squash
• Banana, peach, prunes & coconut
• Spinach, mango, & pear
Now kosher certified!

(Note: HAPPYFAMILY also offers HAPPYBABY pouches with all the popular baby food flavors your little one has come to enjoy, from purees up to solids (stage 1+)

HAPPYBELLIES cereals are the first organic baby cereal to incorporate DHA for brain and eye development and the first baby food to incorporate the power of probiotics for baby's wellness.




baked organic cheese & veggie snack • Contains 25 mg choline per serving for healthy brain development
• Made with whole grain corn
• 60% less sodium than the leading toddler cheese snack*
• Doctor recommended
• Now kosher certified!

HAPPYYOGIS: The only organic freeze dried yogurt snack on the market for babies and toddlers. And it's the only baby food with prebiotics and probiotics!

HAPPYYOGIS are a truly delicious and nutritious treat made with the goodness of organic yogurt and fruit. This yummy snack offers protein, low-sugar, and the added boost of pre and probiotics for digestive wellness.

HAPPYPUFFS: The very first melt-in-your-mouth organic finger foods. These teach baby tactility and self-feeding and might buy you some much needed silence!

Made with whole grains, our HAPPYPUFFS come in five organic flavors (two gluten-free!) to give baby variety and build growing palettes.

Our HAPPYBABY frozen meals are the closest thing to homemade -- but without the fuss.

Each box has 12 individual cubes of baby food, so there is no waste and no heating in plastic. Just pop out what you need, heat, and enjoy. We created optimally nourishing recipes with Dr Sears, select the best organic ingredients, steam, puree, and flash freeze to lock in the taste, texture and color of real fresh foods, so you don't have to!

Try our 8 different packages of 15 delicious varieties, including meat, grains, fruit and vegetables in three stages for developing eaters.

With DHA added to later stage meals for an extra boost of nutrients!


A complete line of nutrition for your toddler and young child, HAPPYBITES are yummy, balanced meals in easy-to-pick-up handheld sizes. They taste great with flavors kids love and are packed with hidden veggies in every bite!

My Thoughts:

Have you heard of our tried HAPPYFAMILY organic baby and toddler food products?  I had the opportunity to try out a few of their products with Savannah the other day, and am happy to say that I have a new organic baby food brand I can turn to, as well as use once Arabella begins on baby food in a couple of months.  

Even though we are transitioning Savannah to "people" food, it is still easier to grab some great toddler snacks and pouches for on the go, or to give her when I am prepping her sister's bottle or dinner.  Right now, she is loving those fruits, vegetables and smoothies pouches out on the market.  I simply have to twist the cap to remove, and hand her the pouch.  She feels like a big girl, being able to squeeze these sweet treats into her mouth.  And, I don't have to worry about spoon feeding her, washing dishes, or taking time to watch her try and feed herself with a spoon.  So, when I headed to Target the other day with coupons I was sent from HAPPYFAMILY, I made sure to pick up one of their pouch snacks for her to try.  I ended up picking up the Banana, mango & peach flavored pouch to try with Savannah.  You can serve these pouches at room temperature or chilled.  Savannah loves them chilled, so that is how I served it to her.  And, like the other pouches she eats, she devoured this pouch, right up to the last squeeze.  I can't wait to try the apple & butternut squash and banana, peach, prunes & coconut flavored pouches with her.

In addition to this pouch, I also picked up a canister of their cheddar cheese with carrot munchies .  She loved snacking on cheese puffs, so I was eager to see what she thought of this brand's product, with the added vegetable.  And, again, we have a winner. She finished her entire snack cup, and even licked her fingers.  As a mom, I love how HAPPYFAMILY offers quality products that are not only tasty to eat, but also contains ingredients to help your child grow.  Seeing such a positive reaction to Savannah enjoy these HAPPYFAMILY products, I will definitely be buying more of their products for my daughters.

I was sent a coupon to try a product from HAPPYFAMILY's line of frozen foods, but have yet to find it at any of my local stores.  As soon as I do find it and try it, I will definitely report back on how it was.  I am hoping to be able to find and pick up their Mac + Cheese or Chicken Bites for Savannah to try.  And, if you have HAPPYFAMILY frozen products at your local grocery, please share where you have found them, so I can keep an eye out if I have that retailer nearby.  I know they sell HAPPYFAMILY products through, but I also like to have a local store to shop at for baby food products.

---BUY NOW---

You can pick up HAPPYFAMILY products at your favorite retailer, including Target and BabiesRUs, as well as online at and
Disclosure:  I was sent coupons in order to buy HAPPYFAMILY products to review, and write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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