Saturday, February 25, 2012

Potty Training in Progress -- Have Any Tips or Tricks?

It's Potty Training Time!!!


As many of you know, I have begun potty training with Savannah.  I had hoped after hearing from other moms that it could be done in a weekend, that she would be trained by now.  But, I have found that this is not the case when you have a 3 month old and a 19 month.  I find that when Savannah has to go, that her little sister cries out for attention, wets herself or needs a bottle.  And, when I am ready to give my undivided attention to Savannah, she either doesn't have to go, just went, or is too fussy to try to potty training.  What is a mom to do?  Have you had the same experiences?  If so, I would love to hear how you made potty training time.   My next resort is having my husband tend to Arabella on a weekend, and spend an entire weekend potty training Savannah.  I attempted to let her run free and naked this past week, only to find her squatting like the dogs in a corner.  So, not only was I cleaning up accidents from the dogs, but I was also walking around with an arsenal of cleaning supplies to wipe up the accidents I either walked in or stumbled upon.  But, since I began my journey into potty training, I have read numerous books, tried out various products and talked to other moms who have shared this tips and tricks with me.  I thought I would share some of them with you, in case you are potty training your little ones, too.  Maybe these tips and tricks will help out.  With the craziness that occurs in my house on a daily basis, with both girls, I am up to trying anything right now.  

1) Bribery always works -- I have been using stickers, until Savannah found my stash and stuck them all over the house.  Other moms have told me the bribe with candy, preferably M&M's, or even give money if a child goes pee or poop.  A mom in my playgroup has a piggy bank in the bathroom, and each time her son goes #1, he gets a penny, #2 is rewarded with a nickel and if he does both, wipes himself and washes his hands afterwards, he gets a whopping $1.00.  Have you tried this?  Does it work?  
2)Turn the bathroom into a library -- I have book a basket full of Savannah's favorite books next to the potty.  She flips through them, but nothing happens in the potty.  
3) Turn on the bathtub water or sink to initiate the need to pee -- Didn't work for me.  Savannah kicked and screamed as she wanted to get into the tub and play.  No peeing happening with this one -- just crocodile tears!
4) Let your child watch you pee -- So much for "me time."  Now, Savannah comes in and wants to sit on my lap and play.  Or, she will hand me a book to read.  It is cute, but doesn't make her want to sit next to me and go.
5) Set up potty chairs throughout the house.  We went out and bought Savannah an Elmo potty that makes flushing noises, as well as the toilet seat potty seats for her. When I am busy with Arabella, I put the Elmo floor potty in the kitchen. But, I am finding that Savannah likes to be like Mommy and Daddy and use the real potty, with her seat.  And, when I can't be in the bathroom with her, I have to close the door, as we have found Little People and toys in the toilet.
6) Make a point to put your little one on the potty every 20-30 minutes.  Again, I have been trying this, but I think Savannah and Arabella have been talking to make Mommy go crazy when it comes to tending to one, without the other needing me, too.  Again, this is where a weekend with just Savannah comes into play.  I am thinking if I can follow through with every 20 minutes putting her on the potty, she may finally be potty trained.  I have been setting the kitchen timer for 20 minutes, and when it goes off, we run to the potty. Savannah find it fun, and helps keep us on the 20 minute schedule.
7) Go Naked.  Like I said earlier.  I have tried this, and I am finding that if I can have full attention on Savannah, she has a peeing war with the dogs, to see who can go the most, and it secret places. :-)  But, I plan to use this method when I do a weekend potty training session with her.

Stay tuned to see if we can get Savannah potty trained next weekend.  If not, like many moms have told me, have patience and not push it.  When Savannah is ready, she will go.  And, then from there, no more diapers for her --only big girl panties.  Can't wait for those days!  But, also don't like seeing her grow up too fast! 

If you have tips or tricks for potty training that have worked for you, I would love to hear them.  And, to think that I am finding time to read potty training books when I am on the potty. :-)  Ahh, the life of a mom.  And, with that being said, did you know that the Clorox Family of Toilet Products recently launched a fun new Web site celebrating one of the most-used and underrated rooms in our homes - the bathroom? The Clorox Lounge is turning the bathroom into the laughroom with a community hub designed to be a mom’s go-to place for comedy. Hosted by comedian, actress and mom Sherri Shepherd, the site found at features hilarious anecdotes, fun contests, exciting give-a-ways, coupons and just the right amount of comic relief.

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So, when I am not reading potty training books, I have been checking out the Clorox Lounge to read other moms anecdotes on potty training are.  Be warned, some will make you laugh so hard, you may pee your pants!  :-)

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