Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Anti-Colic Bottle from Coddlelife (Review and Coupon Code)

If you are a parent to a newborn, then you know that there are dozens of bottles on the market that offer a fix for problems like colic.  I tried most of these bottles with Savannah, during her first three months of life, only to be disappointed each time, as they didn't offer the relief they said they would.  Instead, I found her to be taking in more air, or the flow of formula was much quicker than expected for a newborn bottle, both which made her colic worse.  Because we couldn't find a bottle that actually worked, Savannah had to suffer until she was 6 months old, before growing out of the colic phase.  So, when we found out we were expecting baby #2 in November, I began searching for anti-colic bottles, to have on hand, in case our new baby suffered the same colic issues as Savannah.  I was amazed that from the time Savannah grew out of her colic, until our new baby came along, that 3 new anti-colic bottles hit the market.  We picked up all three, and ended up having to use them, as indeed, Arabella, suffered from colic.

After using all three, we were yet again disappointed with the results -- no relief for our little one.  So, when I was asked to review another anti-colic bottle from Coddlelife, I was skeptical that it would work.  The Coddlelife bottles (which come in plastic and glass) were invented by a father, whose child also suffered from terrible colic. He stumbled across a fully-vented bottle that eliminated the ingestion of air, but grew frustrated with the many separate parts that needed to be cleaned and sterilized. This is when he realized that a simpler, improved bottle with less parts and easier to clean was what he and other parents needed. And, as a result, the Coddlelife bottle was born. 

Coddlelife products are BPA free, contain no potentially toxic ink, are affordable and of high-quality. The bottles are designed with the latest nipple venting technology to reduce colic, ear infections, burping and spit up. While other bottles on the market may reduce colic, Coddlelife’s award-winning, patented system is the only fully-vented nipple system that  vents air and contains the fewest parts to clean and sterilize.

With Coddlelife, there are no parts that require replacement like costly disposables or separate parts that may become lost or broken with frequent cleaning and sterilizing. Parents now have an alternative to traditional vented bottles with Coddlelife’s one-piece, easy to clean nipple venting system; a safe, effectively vented nipple system that also saves time and money.

But, after many sleepless nights with Arabella, my husband and I suffered, I filled the plastic Coddlelife bottle and sat down to feed her.  Within minutes, I was able to get Arabella to burp, and she seemed to be taking in the formula much better, and at a slower rate, than other bottles.  It wasn't until continual use of this anti-colic bottle that I began to see an improvement in Arabella.  She no longer exhibited constant crying and fussiness after a bottle feeding.  And, I didn't have to force burps out of her.  Her overall demeanor improved, and she began to smile and coo more, like a normal, healthy should.  If only I had known about this bottle when Savannah was born.  It would have saved us many a restless night, as well as made her feel much better early on, and not have to wait to outgrow the colic phase.  As I sit here writing this post, my husband is feeding Arabella, and enjoying this bonding experience.  It is great to know that another parent was able to create a product that actually works, and created it out of necessity and not just to make money, like many of the other products on the market.

And, when it comes to traveling with a Coddlelife bottle, there is no need for a travel disc. Our cleaning stick which is used to clean the nipple tube also acts as a stopper. Once you have prepared a sterilized bottle, the stick can be inserted into the nipple tube. When ready to feed, you simply remove the stopper stick. There is no need to break the seal of a sterilized bottle to remove a travel disc.

From now on, when I am deciding on a baby shower gift to give friends and family, Coddlelife products are top on my list, if I know they have children who had experienced colic as baby.  And, when other moms in my mommy and me groups talk about their issues with colic, I make sure to let them know about this amazing bottle, that actually works.
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 Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor, in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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