Friday, January 27, 2012

Feature Friday -- Tangrum Fury -- Fun for the Whole Family (Review)

This past Tuesday, I interviewed Doug Nufer, creator of Tangrum Fury.  If you missed my Spotlight on Dad interview with Doug, click here to read my interview now.  Today, I wanted to share more about this fun game, that the whole family will enjoy playing together.

Tangram Fury – Rules of the Game

View a quick video on how to play Tangram Fury.

It's really simple:

  • Roll the die to select a category.
  • Pick a card and lay it down.
  • First one to build the image with their puzzle pieces, wins the card.
  • First one to earn five cards, wins the game.

  • Number of Players

    Tangram Fury is designed for four players to race each other individually. But, it can also be played as teams. When this happens, it's almost as much fun to watch as it is to play - as the teams fumble over each other snatching puzzle pieces and frantically trying to coordinate their efforts to build the shape. 

      Step-by-Step Rules

    1. Each player receives the 7 puzzle pieces that form the traditional square tangram, and must build the square tangram before play begins.
    2. The player with the nearest birthday rolls the die first.
    3. Each color on the die represents a category of tangrams. Whichever color is rolled, that is the color of card that is drawn.
    4. Without looking at the card, the roller places the card down where everyone will have a reasonably unobstructed view. The roller can choose to have the card face him or her.
    5. Play begins the moment the card is revealed. Using their puzzle pieces, the players build the shape indicated by the card as quickly as they can.
    6. The first one done declares, “Done!” and receives the card. All seven pieces must be used for each turn and no pieces may overlap.
    7. The first player to earn five cards, wins.
    8. Each turn consists of one roll of the die with one card being earned, at which time it becomes the next player’s turn. It's not necessary to undo the figures in between turns.