Sunday, December 18, 2011

Your Winter Holiday Travel Safety Checklist



While we are all preparing for the upcoming holidays, we need not forget about playing it safe with travel, holiday decorating and more.  I thought I would share a quick checklist for all, that will help keep you and your safe this holidays season.

Helpful Driving Safety Checklist:

1) Make sure that all lights (front and back) are in working order.
2) Make sure you are up to date on car maintenance, including an oil change, with all fluids topped off
3) Make sure you have an ice scraper/brush in the car for snow storms, etc..
4) Have an emergency kit in the truck, as well as blankets, flash lights, bottled water and non-perishable snacks in case of an emergency
5) Make sure your tire jack and spare tire are in the truck
6) Have a gas can in truck in case you run out of gas
7) Consider signing up for AAA
8) Make sure your cell phone is fully charged each time to head out to travel.
9) Carry important medical information including emergency contact numbers of doctors, your blood type and health history.
10) Have extra money on hand in case of an emergency and you cannot access an ATM or drive to a bank.

Did you know: Seventy percent of winter deaths related to snow and ice occur in automobiles. A blanket or rug under the front of a tire will help "unstick" a vehicle by increasing traction. It can be used on walkways to prevent slipping. 

Like they say, it is better to be safe than sorry.  And, that means make sure you also have all legal documents, including wills, power of attorneys, directives and life insurance policies are up to date in case of an emergency.  Don’t have life insurance due a recent lay off, etc. get Online Life Insurance Quotes in minutes, so that you can breath a sigh of relief and know that your family will be taken care of.  You never know what will happen today, so make sure you are prepared today.  I know we don't like to think about this over the holidays, but this one of the busiest travel times of the year, and like mom always says, "It is not you, but the other person on the road you have to look out for."  So drive slow and pay attention to your surroundings this holiday season, so that you arrive safely to your travel destination.

Happy holidays, and safe travels!

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