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Must See Movies–Clifford the Big Red Dog: Big Big Collection (Available on 12/6/2011)


Pricing: DVD - $29.98  ------   December 6, 2011

Everyone's favorite crimson friend and beloved Scholastic character, Clifford the Big Red Dog, stars in an all-new six-DVD collection as Lionsgate Home Entertainment releases Clifford the Big Red Dog™: Big Big Collection this December. Arriving just in time for holiday gift-giving season, the set includes more than 50 splendid stories and nine hours of canine content at an incredible value. In addition, the DVDs contain the kid-friendly direct-play feature, allowing children to insert the DVD and watch without help from an adult.

An award-winning and beloved brand, the Scholastic Media produced Clifford television series is consistently a top-rated show on PBS® where the TV series airs daily and receives more than 2,000 plays weekly. With more than 126 million books sold since its launch 49 years ago, Scholastic'sClifford the Big Red Dog is one of the top-rated preschool properties across multiple categories. The brand currently enjoys more than 96% awareness among mothers with kids ages two to five, with over 6.6 million videos and DVDs sold to date.

DVD Synopses:

  • PLAYTIME WITH CLIFFORD: Join Clifford for some big-time fun, as he learns how much fun spending time with friends can be!
    • Real-Life Doggie Friends
    • Speckle Stories
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLIFFORD!: Join Clifford in exciting and educational adventures with his friends!
    • "Cleo's Groovy Grooming Shop" Game
    • Real-Life Doggie Friends
    • Parenting Tips from Clifford's Big Ideas
  • CLIFFORD'S SCHOOLHOUSE: Come join Clifford for lots of school-time fun! He learns that when life gets tricky, he just needs to try his best.
    • Sing-Along
    • Speckle Stories
  • DOGHOUSE ADVENTURES: Make plans for fun and adventure at Clifford's big doghouse, where friends laugh, play, and share great times.
    • " Where Did Clifford Hide It?" Game
    • Speckle Stories
  • THE NEW BABY ON THE BLOCK: There's a new baby in the house and the whole family will learn gigantic ways to babysit, entertain, and be responsible for a little one.
    • "Help Baby Find Mom" Game
    • Speckle Stories
  • GROWING UP WITH CLIFFORD: Clifford and his friends get bigger and braver and learn about new grown-up responsibilities.
    • Learn How to Draw Clifford and His Pals
    • Speckle Stories
  • My Thoughts:

Again, another favorite show I used to watch growing up, and excited about sharing with my children.  With all the television shows on nowadays, it is hard to find cartoons like the ones I grew up with.  They were wholesome and entertaining, and my parents never had to worry about previewing the show to review their content prior to my watching them.  But, thanks to Lionsgate Home Entertainment, they are bringing back a family favorite that has been enjoyed for the past 49 years – Clifford, the Bog Red Dog.  Don’t tell me you never watched this growing up.  It was a great show and I remember tuning in daily to watch this show about the fun and loveable big, red dog.  This cartoon can be enjoyed by both boys and girls, and with the holidays right around the corner, this award-winning television series, available now on this 6-DVD set would make for a great gift for the kids. Even though you will buy it for the kids, this DVD will be enjoyed by parents and grandparents, and makes for a great DVD to watch on a rainy day or for movie nights in your room.

My daughter Savannah just loves watching Clifford, and your children will too (if they aren’t watching Clifford on TV now).

Disclosure:  I was sent a copy of this DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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