Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kids iPad App Review -- A Duck in New York City By Les Productions Folle Avoine


Read, listen, watch or sing! Choose the way you'd like to follow the story about a little duck from the prairie who has a big dream—making it to New York City and doing his ducky dance on Broadway. It turns out to be an adventurous journey that appears bound for failure, until he meets up with a truck driver named Big Betty. She points him in the right direction and gives him that little nudge he needs to tackle the Big Apple.
Something to quack about !

· Heartwarming funny story about self-esteem and following your dreams
· Stunning illustrations and sophisticated animation
· Superb musical performance and captivating narration
· Exceptional recording quality
· Highly readable, engaging experience and age-appropriate
· Beautifully designed with quick and easy navigation

Just ducky - five features means five ways to enjoy the story.


· Read the story
· Listen to the narrated story
· Watch an animated version of the story
· Listen to the theme song
· Sing the theme song in karaoke

The app "A Duck in New York City" is based on the critically acclaimed Parents' Choice Gold Award-winning Storybook - Music CD by author-singer-songwriter Connie Kaldor, illustrated by Fil & Julie, and published by The Secret Mountain.


My Thoughts:


I have bought, as well as reviewed a lot of apps recently, to use with my daughter, Savannah, and have to say that A Duck in New York City is by far one of the best I have seen in a long time.  What a cute story – a duck wants to make it to NYC to sing on Broadway.  What a great way to teach your children to follow their dreams and persevere.  The duck never gave up, even when the others laughed at his dream.  He didn’t let them get to him, and headed to NYC to make his dreams come true.  This heartfelt story is brought to life through this app in a beautiful way.  I love the stunning and bright illustrations and the ease of navigation of this app.  My daughter was able to stay engaged and loved the musical aspect of the app, including the sing along karaoke portion.  I have to warn you, the theme song is addicting.  Just this evening, I found myself humming the tune while preparing dinner. 


Overall, this is a great app to download and share with you children.  They can either choose to listen to the narrated story, or practice their reading skills by reading it out loud.  Either way, everyone, including parents will enjoy this story about a duck who had a dream and made it a reality!


Head on over to iTunes now and buy this app for only $3.99 for your iPad.

Disclosure:  I was sent this app to review in order to share my honest opinion on it.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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