Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Gift Giving Guide -- Mastrad’s TopChips Chips Maker–Make Your Own Chips at Home in Under 5 Minutes (Product Review)


Mastrad, maker of innovative kitchen utensils, is giving chip lovers everywhere the ability to make their favorite snack fast, easy and in the comfort of their own kitchen. With the new TopChips Chips Maker, a unique tray that makes light, crispy and delicious chips in a matter of minutes, it’s now possible to enjoy these treats just the way you like them.
Easy as one, two, three, the TopChips Chips Maker instantly cooks great-tasting and fat-free chips with the simple use of a microwave. Included in the 2-piece set are a mini-mandolin, a grater that makes perfectly cut slices every time, and a 100% nonstick silicone tray, which evenly cooks with a ventilated surface and prevents the added fat that comes from frying or baking. Once prepared, slices can be cooked in the microwave for just three to five minutes (depending on microwave power), sprinkled with desired seasonings and voilà, a gourmet treat is ready! The TOPCHIPS Chips Maker can be used with most root vegetables and fruits, offering an array of sweet and salty snacks such as apple chips, carrot chips and, of course, potato chips.
My Thoughts:

I always look forward to the 4H fairs every summer not only for the musical entertainment, but also for the food vendors.  One of my favorite snacks to get at the fair is homemade potato chips.  There is something about homemade chips that makes them such a delicious treat.  And, once you have had or made your own homemade chips, it is hard to go back to a bag of greasy and salty chips from the market.
Nowadays, people are more health conscious and watching what they eat.  As a result, many restaurant chains are offering more healthy sides, including sweet potato chips, apple chips and more.  And, now with the TopChips Chips Maker from Mastrad, you can make your own chips in the comfort of your own home.  Get creative with this chip maker and cook both sweet and salty snacks like mango chips, carrot chips and pear chips and the tried and true yellow or white potato chip.

What I loved most about the TopChips Chips Maker is that you get everything you need to make homemade chips at home right in the kit.  The kit includes a silicone cooking tray and food slicer.  And, microwaving your chips is a breeze.  Cooking time depends on the type of vegetable or fruit you are using.  And, in five minutes or less, you will have your own homemade chips, which you can season however you like.  
We have been using this chip maker for the past few weeks, and at least once or twice a week, I will make homemade sweet potato chips or regular potato chips to go with dinner.  My husband especially loves the sweet potato chips, which I season with cinnamon and maple syrup.  
So, if you are fan of potato chips or love to try out new cooking gadgets, then why not pick up the Mastrad TopChips Chips Maker today.  This product would make for a great holiday gift for those hard to shop for people on your list!
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The Mastrad TopChips mandolin and tray set retails for $20.00 at nationwide stores, as well as online. The TOPCHIPS Chips Maker also offers the double tray set which includes two stackable silicone cooking trays and retails for $25.00. Both products are available online at For more information on Mastrad and to view the entire collection of cooking utensils, please visit
About Mastrad
Since 1994, Mastrad, the French company specializing in unique kitchen tools and accessories, has been revolutionizing the culinary world with a line of products unlike any other. Combining function, quality and eye-catching design, the diverse and expansive collection of products are carefully created to make every kitchen professional, yet fun and colorful. Founded by a team of experienced chefs and designers, Mastrad considers every product to be a recipe created with tender love and care. For more information, visit
Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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