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Holiday Gift Giving Guide– Margaret Hyde’s Scentsational Books: Mo Smells the Holidays and Mo Smells Christmas (Review)




Do you love reading to your children?  Were you a fan of scratch and sniff stickers growing up?  If you answered, “Yes,” to both of these questions, do I have a great book series to share with you.  Having recently stumbled across this book series myself, I am now a fan, as is my daughter.  And, I know that after you read this review post and check out this wonderful and cute scentsational book series by Margaret Hyde ,your family will be, too!

Margaret’s Mo’s Nose series of books follows a rescue dog named Mo on a journey as he discovers and experiences colors using his nose, letting children explore the world through a heightened sense of smell, much like Mo does. These books take readers of all ages on a scentsational adventure and each emphasizes on a different theme, such as Love (Red), The Environment (Green), Charity (Holidays) Freedom (Blue), Joy (Christmas).


In this large-­sized, fully-illustrated Scentsational storybook, readers follow Mo from the first leaves of Fall through the fireworks of New Year’s Eve. This journey through the holiday season emphasizes giving rather than getting, as Mo brings Halloween treats to his friends at the animal shelter and lends a hand at a local soup kitchen. Readers interactively experience classic holiday scents, from pumpkin pie to pine trees, through a Hint-of-Scent feature, which allows readers to place scented stickers on each page themselves.



Mo Smells Christmas is a journey through the sweet smells of Christmas that are such a powerful and joyful way that we connect and remember the generous and loving spirit of the Christmas season. In this heart warming “tail”, Mo celebrates all the merry aromas that abound at Christmas time from the fresh-cut pine of the Christmas tree to sugary goodness of Gingerbread to rich delight of a chocolate Santa to ultimately the JOY of Christmas.

My Thoughts:

I just love these books.  And, the fact they offer an interactive component makes it even better.  I know as a parent, I am always looking for ways to make bonding time with my children enjoyable.  Thankfully, I am not at the teen stage, where they want to be independent and don’t need their parents.  I don’t know what I will do when I hit this “fun” stage with my two girls.  But, right now, I am enjoying snuggling in an oversized chair or on the couch and reading to them.  And, with books like Mo Smells Christmas and Mo Smells the Holidays, my daughter is enjoying reading time more.  She loves to scratch each sticker as we read through the story. And, at the end of the book, she always has me go back to the pages with the scents she likes. 

I think this is an amazing idea to have scentsational books, as it adds to the enjoyment of reading.  Hopefully, as my daughters get older, they will continue to enjoy reading with me and by themselves.  And, I am hoping to start the tradition of reading these two books in the Mo Noses series to them after we are done putting up the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving.   It will give us all something to look forward to every year.




If you want to see firsthand how amazing these scentsational books in the Mo Bose book series are, head on over to the official Mo Nose website and order each title today for only $17.95.

Reflecting the charitable tone, 10 percent of the proceeds from all Mo Nose books is donated to the Best Friends Animal Society, and the books are 100% eco-friendly.

About the Author:

The inspiration for Mo's Nose™ struck Margaret Hyde in the middle of the night as her best friend’s rescued dog, Mo, lept into her imagination. She awoke and wrote the idea and text for Mo's scent-filled adventure. Margaret called on Mo's mama, and her best friend of twenty years, artist Amanda Giacomini to illustrate, and together they brought the vision of the series to life.

Because Margaret and Amanda's creative collaboration grew from their friendship and their love of animals, they are committed to using the Mo's Nose™ brand as a way to make the world a better place for all four legged creatures and their humans.  From their innovative Friends of Mo philanthropic events to their sustainable product line to storylines that celebrate life and giving,Mo's Nose™ aims to entertain and excite the senses while inspiring a shift of consciousness focused on caring for others, charitable actions and grassroots generosity.  To put it simply, Mo smells love.






Disclosure:  I was sent books by the author in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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  1. These books are a great idea. Just checked out your website and gotta say I love the books.