Thursday, December 15, 2011

GrandCamp Adventures–Bringing Grandparents and Grandchildren together, All While Creating Lasting Memories (Review)





Did you have a great relationship with your grandparents growing up?  Were you able to relate to them, as did they to you?  Unfortunately, I only had my maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother around growing up, as my other grandparents had passed away before I was born.  And, my relationship with them was not as strong as the current bond my parents have with my two daughters.  I believe I didn’t have the same relationship with my grandparents because it was hard for us to connect.  Yes, we would go and visit on a monthly basis, and on holidays, but there was no interaction beyond that.  Thinking back on it now, I don’t really think they related to my brothers and I on the level of grandparent and grandchild.  Because we were the only grandchildren, they didn’t know how to interact with us.  They would treat us like we were adults, as my parents were always there at our visits.  And, on the few occasions we stayed with grandmother while my parents went out, we would watch her television shows with her and watch her bake or knit.  I wish that GrandCamp Adventures were around back in the day, as my relationship with my grandparents may have been different.

But, thanks to this amazing concept of creating products, which include storybooks and CD’s, grandparents and grandchildren are able to connect, while enjoying activities like reading and dancing to music together.


What I loved most when viewing the GrandCamp Adventures website was the quote at the bottom of the page -- “The greatest gift you can give a child isn’t a toy, it’s your time.”  My husband and I are doing our best to pencil out time to spend with each of our daughters, and we try to have them interact with their relatives, especially their grandparents as much as possible, as bonding is more important than materialistic things, and will make our children more well-rounded.  They will grow to appreciate their elders and have wonderful stories and memories to share about their relationship with their children.  I have a few memories of baking and going on the Swan Boats in Boston with my grandmother that I have held on to all these years, and can’t wait to hear the stories my children share about their special time with their grandparents. And, with the help of GrandCamp Adventures, my parents can find a way to relate and truly make the most of the time with my girls. 

I was recently sent a copy of  the “Here We Go” CD, which goes along with the storybook by the same name.  Combined, these two products will offer grandparents and grandchildren themed activities that they participate together in – including games, music and so much more.  Prior to giving the CD to my parents to listen to and then use with my oldest daughter, I listened to it one afternoon, and found myself tapping my feet and singing along to the catchy lyrics and music. After I was done listening to the CD, I knew my parents and daughter would have a blast singing and dancing around the house, while this CD was playing.  And, was I right.  This has become a staple when my parents and daughter get together.  If they are traveling in the car, the CD is playing, and when they are relaxing at home, my mom loves to pop the CD in the CD player, and they begin to sing and dance.  They have a favorite song, which is a secret, and have even made up a special dance for it.  Maybe one day, my daughter will share this dance with me.  But, for now, thanks to GrandCamp Adventures, my parents and daughter have begun creating memories together and truly enjoying each other’s company!

What is the “Here We Go!” Theme Music CD?:


It is an entire album celebrating your “grand” relationships through music. Enjoy songs to warm your heart and inspire you to dance and sing together.  There are songs for playtime, naptime and any time that needs to be a GOOD time.


  • Wonderfully talented singers and song writers come together to create a first ever compilation of music just for Grandparents and Grandchildren.
  • Introducing the official GrandCamp Adventures theme song "Here We Go!"
  • Music for every taste including jazz, bluegrass, reggae, and more

Hear pirates singing in their search for treasure or join in with a "mob" of Meerkats in a chorus all about family!  Original music, along with a few classics, brings everyone to their feet as the songs are sung over and over. Some songs are songs of celebration, some are silly, and others pull at our heartstrings reminding us of how fast the moments of life go by.

From blues and bluegrass to reggae and even a lullaby, we haven't seen a kid, or Grandparent for that matter, that hasn't been stirred to tap a foot or, more likely, get up and dance.

Click here to sample the music on this CD now.

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If you want to help your children truly make the most of their time with your parents, or you are a grandparent looking for fun things to do with your grandchildren, then head on over to the GrandCamp Adventure website today and view their great product line.


Disclosure:  I was sent a CD from this vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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