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Holiday Gift Giving Guide– Gifts for Kids: Whistlefritz, Inspiring Young Minds Through Spanish Immersion DVDs and CDs (Product Review)



Las Estaciones (The Seasons)

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Children love a birthday party, especially when it's their own. But when is Fritzi's birthday? Join the fun-loving Fritzi the mouse and his friend Maria for this festive sing-along, dance-along introduction to Spanish language-learning. From el invierno to el otoño, it's a year-round celebration as children learn words and phrases associated with all four seasons. This lively interactive Spanish immersion DVD engages children with colorful backgrounds, animated characters, catchy original songs, and live-action footage of familiar year-round activities, including sledding and snowball throwing, splashing in puddles, swimming, playing in leaves, and trick-or-treating. Upbeat live-action speakers introduce and reinforce basic Spanish words and phrases through call-and-response and repetition.

A Translation Guide—which lists all words in order of appearance—provides an easy reference for parents who are first-time learners of Spanish.

Designed for children ages 2-7, Las Estaciones is perfect for the whole family!

Run time: approximately 30 minutes




¡A Bailar! (Let’s Dance)

Spanish Music for Kids

¡A Bailar! Let’s Dance! is a collection of dance-able, sing-able, toe-tapping Spanish melodies for kids of all ages. Upbeat Latin rhythms help children learn the Spanish words for letters, numbers, colors, parts of the body, directions, activities, and more! ¡A Bailar! Let’s Dance! includes popular traditional children’s songs as well as original compositions by award-winning Latin American musical artist, Jorge Anaya. Songs introduce children to both Spanish vocabulary and a variety of Latin music as they sing and dance along to a playful mix of salsa, merengue, corrido, cumbia, ranchera, rumba, and more!

This collection of memorable music will appeal to kids and grown-ups alike and, best of all, it makes learning Spanish simple and fun!

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Los Animales (Animals)

*Ideal for the Youngest Language Learners

In the award-winning DVD, Los Animales, children explore the world of animals and sounds, and get treated to a few surprises along the way. Young children will giggle with glee at this motley group of animals, including a timid elephant who gets chased out of town by a little gray mouse, a witty dog who can mimic the sounds of his farm friends, and a mischievous donkey who stirs up a hullabaloo in the barnyard! These playful puppets will have your kids up on their feet dancing and singing along to beloved Spanish-language folksongs, Los Pollitos and Vengan a Ver Mi Granja.

This Spanish DVD gives children an ideal introduction to Spanish, through skits, dance, song, and play. Children learn the names and sounds of animals in Spanish.

The Translation Guide provides an easy reference for parents who are first-time learners of Spanish. The guide lists words as they appear for the first time in the program.

Designed for ages 1-5, Los Animales is perfect for the whole family!

Run time: approximately 25 minutes.

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My Thoughts:

I was recently sent a Los Animales and Las Estaciones on DVD, as well as !A bailar! on CD to review with my 16 month old daughter, Savannah, thanks to the kind folks at Whistlefritz

Produced by Whistlefritz, Spanish for Kids is an award-winning Spanish immersion DVD series featuring the adorable Fritzi, a lovable, animated mouse who interacts with live-action adults and children to teach Spanish.  Viewers learn to understand and speak Spanish by hearing and speaking Spanish without the use of English translation.  Having won over 20 prestigious family media awards, Whistlefritz DVDs and CDs are a proven method of introducing your child to the Spanish language through fun animation, catchy songs and engaging dialogue.  In no time, you child will be talking and singing in Spanish.

With my husband being bi-lingual in English and Spanish, and most of his family speaking mainly Spanish, we have been making an effort since Savannah was born to introduce her to both the English and Spanish languages through reading, singing and talking.  Even though I took over 9 years of Spanish in high school and college, I can only read and write Spanish.  So, I am relying on my husband to teach her to speak Spanish correctly.  I can do the basics -- counting, naming colors, etc. but when it comes to putting complex sentences together, I need to ask my husband to help or translate English into Spanish. 

And, because I am home with Savannah during the day, I want to be able to work on language development with her.  So, I have picked up various bi-lingual DVDs and CDS that claim to teach young children, as young as 12 months the Spanish language effortlessly.  I am also using these learning tools to help me expand my Spanish speaking abilities.  Having tried out a few of these DVDs in the past, I was disappointed to find that these DVDs weren't worth the investment.  Some of the DVDs provided content that was incorrect (ie. pronouncing Spanish words wrong), or so-called easy learning wasn't.

Having never heard of Whistlefritz prior to receiving these DVDs and CD to review, I kept an open mind when viewing their products.  In addition, I had my husband view the videos and listen to the music to make sure that the Spanish language was taught correctly and to take his take on the ease of learning and use of Spanish immersion to teach young children the Spanish language.

My husband said that this series the best series he has seen, and loved the use of Fritz to the mouse to keep the attention of young children.  And, a few of the songs on the !A Bailar! CD were so catchy, that he now sings them to Savannah at night time. And, he is usually not a singer.  I am the one learning and singing Spanish nursery rhymes and lullabies to Savannah and her sister, Arabella.

I have been using these DVDs and CD with Savannah for the past month, and have to say that I, too, am impressed with the way that the Spanish language is introduced to children.  I wish that these types of learning tools were used back in high school, as I would have grasped the speaking part a lot better.  So, not only is Savannah learning Spanish, but I am too. 

What a great DVD series this is.  And, when we go on car rides, I make sure that that we bring along !A Bailar! to sing and dance along to.  I can tell that Savannah is loving this product and learning in the process, as she can hold up her fingers when my husband counts in Spanish and can point to colors when he calls them out in Spanish.  As she gets older, I know she will pick up more Spanish vocabulary and comprehend more of the content presented in the samples I received.  But, for now, we are pleased with her basic comprehension and eagerness to watch these great learning tools.

About Whistlefritz:

Founded in 2006, Whistlefritz was started by a mom who wanted to teach her own children Spanish. Frustrated by the lack of high-quality Spanish immersion programs, she decided to create her own Spanish DVDs and CDs for children … and so Whistlefritz was born.

Our goal is to support parents, grandparents, and teachers – whether native Spanish speakers or not – in teaching Spanish to children. Our Spanish DVDs and CDs for kids are designed to be accessible to native and non-native Spanish speakers alike. That’s one reason why we include translation guides with all our programs.

Our goal is to create the most effective Spanish immersion teaching tools for children. That’s why we love receiving parent and teacher comments! Please tell us what works for you and what you’d like to see in our future programs. How can we better support your child’s learning?

With the help of the wonderfully talented actors, musicians, artists, early childhood professionals and language specialists who have contributed their talents and expertise to our Spanish DVDs and CDs, Whistlefritz continues to expand our collection of Spanish immersion programs.

The DVDs and CDs in our Spanish for Kids series have won 24 awards from the following respected parenting organizations



Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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