Monday, December 26, 2011

CouponTrade to Host “Sell Your Gift Card Month”

Online savings site helps consumers resell their unwanted, unused gift cards

Nearly 58 percent of shoppers said they would like to receive gift cards this holiday season, the National Retail Federation’s report indicated. Although millions of gift cards will be given, many of them will never get used.’s online marketplace provides a service to help users receive a return for their unwanted gift cards and is hosting “Sell Your Gift Card Month” from December 26 through the month of January.

“We recognize the frustration people have when they get gift cards they can’t use, and we want to provide a solution,” CouponTrade COO Brad Wasz said. “Whether you receive a gift card you can’t use from a relative or you would like money instead, you can resell it on our site at your own price.”

The market is flooded with unused gift cards, with nearly $20 billion worth of gift cards going unused each year, amounting to $65 million per day. CouponTrade helps users receive up to the full amount of their gift card’s value by letting them set their own price and allowing the marketplace to bring a buyer. 
The site currently is working on ways as alternatives to only receiving payments through PayPal to help sellers get paid directly for their gift card sales.

To list a gift card on the site, a user creates a CouponTrade account and is required to have a verified PayPal account so CouponTrade can securely transfer the cash to the seller. When the user’s gift card sells, CouponTrade provides an email confirmation and a free prepaid shipping label which requires the seller to ship within 48 hours. Sellers are not charged until their gift card is sold, when a 10 percent of the sale price and a $1.75 transaction fee is deducted from the sale.

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About CouponTrade Inc.

CouponTrade was born of economic necessity to put a new era of consumers at the center of the shopping experience, helping people become curators, deal-makers and facilitators to get the things they want at a price they can afford. Headquartered in Chicago, our one-of-a-kind online marketplace allows consumers to easily find working coupon codes, buy daily deal coupons and gift cards, and turn their unused discounts into cash. It is our mission to make sure free money is never wasted. For more information, visit

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