Monday, November 14, 2011

Spotlight on Mommy–Tiara Henderson, Creator of the Cubbie Cup



This week, I wanted to introduce you all to Tiara Henderson, the creator the Cubbie Cup.  I fell in love with this cup when I stumbled across it on Amazon, while looking for a sippy cup for my daughter, Savannah.  What a novel idea – a 2 in 1 snack time solution, that combines a spill-resistant sippy cup and a spill-resistant snack cup, in all one.  This is the perfect for at home use or for on the go.  A great snack time solution that combines a spill-resistant sippy cup and a spill-resistant snack cup all in one convenient container. Now, only carry 1 item, but serve the purpose of two – a drink and snack for your toddler.  As a mom, this is a great invention, as I am always finding myself trying to carry both Savannah’s bottle or sippy cup and a snack cup, in addition to a diaper bag, my keys, etc. as we head out for a car ride. If you love this great snack solution idea, head on over to Tiara’s online Amazon store to purchase a Cubbie Cup for only $12.99.

In the meantime, here is my Spotlight on Mommy interview with Tiara.  Enjoy!

Name:  Tiara Henderson

Company Name/Product/Service:  Parent Perfected, LLC / Cubbie Cup

Company Location:  North Carolina

Company Website: or

Facebook URL:

Twitter Handle:

Age of Company:  18 months

Favorite Inspirational Quotes:  When in doubt, take the next step

Favorite Book:  So many....Mommy Inventors Handbook, E-Myth, Pillars of the Earth, Beloved, and any book by Patricia Cornwell

Tell us a little bit about yourself.  How many children do you have?  What are their ages? Your hobbies? Etc.  

I have a 3 year old daughter, Blair and we are expecting our 2nd (and last) in January 2012.  I have been married for 6.5 years.

Briefly explain your business.  How did it come about?

Cubbie Cup was "born" on a crisp fall afternoon as I was driving home with my toddler.  I watched her drink from a sippy cup, throw it on the floor, and start to eat her snacks.  A moment later, she wanted her sippy cup again, but it was on the floor...and I was driving.  Explaining to a toddler why mommy can't stop in the middle of traffic to retrieve a sippy cup doesn't go over so well!  As soon as I got home, I drew the first sketch of what is now known as the Cubbie Cup!

No longer do we juggle multiple cups!  I literally feel "off-duty" during snack time!  When you are relaxing at home, taking trips to the mall or the park, Cubbie Cup is a snack time necessity!  I hope your family enjoys it as much as we do!

What is a typical work day like?  

Nothing is typical.  Some days are quiet and some days are CRAZY.  But I have a great team that I can trust to get things accomplished.

What has been a struggle while starting up your company? 

Understanding how to control inventory and knowing when to invest more capital or when to just wait it out.

What did you do in your past work life?  

I was an investment banker.  I was in the commercial real estate capital markets industry. What have been some of your major successes?  Being featured on some TV shows including stations in Canada, being in Woman's World Magazine, and winning the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved ) Seal of Approval.

What have been some of your major challenges?  

Access to capital.  I have not had any success with attracting outside investors and I've invested all of the capital on my own.

On those impossible days, what motivates you to keep going?  

It's name is attached to the product and want it to be successful.  Also my husband reminding me of how much I have invested!!

What is your balancing secret in managing a business and family?  

Ask for help when you need help!

What is next for your business?  

Getting into retail stores is the next phase for Cubbie Cup.  We are currently working on our retail packaging.

Do you have any advice for other mom entrepreneurs that are starting out and struggling, or are on the fence about starting a business?  

Do your homework and your research.  This is a commitment and should not be entered into lightly.  Be honest with yourself about the viability of the venture.

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