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Spotlight on Mommy–Abraxas Abrams-Pickens, Creator of the Highchair Organizer


Making mealtime easy!

The Highchair Organizer, highchairorganizer.comAre you tired of sitting down with your child for a meal to only have to get up three or four times to clean a dropped spoon or a thrown bottle? Are you tired of having to find a clean bib when its time for dinner? Are you frustrated with running to your diaper bag for a baby wipe or fresh pacifier after breakfast? Then The Highchair Organizer is for you. The Highchair Organizer conveniently attaches to your child's highchair and stores everything you need for your child during meal time.


  • No more getting up during mealtime.

  • Everything a parent needs for mealtime conveniently organized at the highchair.

  • Attaches easily to most manufacturer's highchairs or booster seats in 10 seconds using adjustable straps.

  • Folds easily to a compact and transportable size.

  • Includes multiple compartments to hold everything needed for mealtime.

  • Compartments hold bottles, sippy cups, pacifier, wipes, spoons, forks, diapers and related items.

  • Durable linings wipe clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.

  • Non-toxic, safety tested, CPSIA compliant.

I am excited to share my interview (see below) and upcoming Feature Friday posts with you on Abraxas Abrams-Pickens and her invention, The Highchair Organizer.  Always having been a neat freak, I found myself losing it at time once I became a mom and I didn’t have the extra time to make sure everything in the house was tidy and organized.  It was frustrating to not know where I had placed an item or seeing things all over the place.  But, last month, my frustrations lessened when it came to mealtime with my daughter.  I was sent The Highchair Organizer to try out, and have to say that is has truly been a lifesaver and sanity keeper.  Now, I can find bibs, wipes, eating utensils, etc. and have a place to hold my daughter’s pacifier and sippy cup when she is sitting in her highchair.  No more fumbling to find these items when I truly need them, or having to get up from the table to get a fork or spoon from the kitchen.  Not only is The Highchair Organizer stylish, but it is also easy to clean, with a simple wipe with a damp washcloth.  I addition to attaching to a highchair, this organizer also attaches to a booster chair and jogging stroller.  How great is that?  I will be sharing more of my thoughts of this great item in my upcoming Feature Friday post, but today, I wanted to share my Spotlight Interview with the creator of The Highchair Organizer, Abraxas Abrams-Pickens. Enjoy!

Name: Abraxas Abrams-Pickens

Company Name/Product/Service: The Highchair Organizer

Company Location: Atlanta, GA

Company Website:

Facebook URL: The Highchair Organizer

Twitter Handle: @ highchairorgan

Age of Company: 1 year

Favorite Inspirational Quotes: “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

Favorite Book: The Bible


Tell us a little bit about yourself. How many children do you have? What are their ages? Your hobbies? Etc.

I have one 3-year old son and one girl on the way (I am currently 5 months pregnant).  I love to read novels.  My latest read was The Help by Kathryn Stockton.  I also love to travel.

Briefly explain your business. How did it come about?

I am very organized.  I noticed a lot of moms not enjoying their meals because the highchair area and kitchen was disorganized when it came to the baby.

What is a typical work day like?

Drop son off at school by 8:30AM. Emails returns, 9-10AM.  Shipping of orders, 10AM-12PM; Addressing the needs of retailers, 12-2PM; 2:30PM, lunch; 3:00PM, pick son up at school.

What has been a struggle while starting up your company?

Name recognition.  Making The Highchair Organizer a household name.

What did you do in your past work life?

Pharmaceutical sales.  I have a BS in marketing and an MBA in Public Administration.

What have been some of your major successes?, ABC Kids Expo and Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine.

What have been some of your major challenges?

New pattern designs.

On those impossible days, what motivates you to keep going?

Owning my own business has been my dream.  I am living it!  It is harder than working for any major corporation.  Sink or swim…

What is your balancing secret in managing a business and family?

I stop working when my son comes home from school.  I start back after he goes to bed at 8PM.

What is next for your business?

New pattern designs and promoting in the Canadian markets.

Do you have any advice for other mom entrepreneurs that are starting out and struggling, or are on the fence about starting a business?

Do your homework! Starting can be expensive.

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