Thursday, October 20, 2011

Product Review: Pajeda Brand Snacks

I was recently sent samples of each of Pajeda's snack chips from their product line, which included the following:  White and Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips, Nacho and Ranch Tortilla Chips, Lil’ Dipz Dipping Size Tortilla Chips, Crunchy Cheese, Puffed Cheese, Corn Chips, Party Mix and Onion Rings.

All Pajeda’s are trans-fat free and are retail priced at $1.

Below is a photo to show you the (top) quality of this brand and their snack chip, as well as more information on each of the ten flavors.  Then, I provided my own personal thoughts after having sampled Pajeda snacks.  Enjoy!

Pajedas White Round Tortilla Chips Snacks 

Pajeda’s White Corn Tostados Tortilla Chips

White round tortilla chips made from corn grown in the Midwest. Delicious, crunchy goodness all by themselves or paired up with your best salsa recipe.
Available in 7oz or 18oz.

Pajedas Family Size White Round Tortilla Chips Snacks 

Pajeda’s Family Size White Corn Tostados Tortilla Chips

The only thing better than Pajeda’s White Corn Tortilla Chips is a bigger bag of Pajeda’s White Corn Tortilla Chips. 18oz of delicious fun designed for people willing to share the joy.

Pajedas Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips Snacks 

Pajeda’s Yellow Corn Tostados Tortilla Chips

Classic yellow round tortilla chips, made from Midwestern corn. They’re the best chip for nachos, so grab a bag and impress your friends with your famous nachos supreme recipe. They’ll love you even more than they already do.

Pajedas Nacho Tortilla Chips Snacks 

Pajeda’s Nacho Tortilla Chips

Bold nacho cheese flavor that’s a hit with all our fans. Take some along to your next tailgating party and create some fans of your own.

Pajedas Ranch Tortilla Chips Snacks 

Pajeda’s Ranch Tortilla Chips

Zesty, cool, crunchy, satisfying. The deliciousness of ranch on a crispy tortilla chip is our idea of an easy snack recipe. We think it’ll become yours, too.

Pajedas Lil Dipz Tortilla Chips Snacks 

Pajeda’s Lil’ Dipz Bite-Size Dippin’ Chips

Pajeda’s Bite-Size White Corn Tortilla Chips. Easier to dip, easier to eat; Lil’ Dipz pack a whole lotta crunch into a bite-sized tortilla chip.

Pajedas Crunchy Cheese Snacks 

Pajeda’s Crunchy Cheese

Real cheese, real crunch, and a really great taste, all at a really awesome price. Life doesn’t get much better than Pajeda’s Crunchy Cheese snacks.

Pajedas Puffed Cheese Snacks 

Pajeda’s Puffed Cheese

A whole lot of fun and a little bit of messy makes our Pajeda’s Puffed Cheese snacks an enjoyable snack for your entire family. Get plenty of puffs to go around, but please don’t forget the napkins.

Pajedas Corn Chips Snacks 

Pajeda’s Corn Chips

Super crunchy and super yummy, our Pajeda’s Corn Chips are more versatile than you might think. Sprinkle some onto your next bowl of chili; crumble some on top of your next casserole; whip up your favorite dip recipe and try them out together.

Pajedas Party Mix Snacks 

Pajeda’s Party Mix

After-school snack? Last minute party appetizer? Easy snack mix recipe for family game night? Pajeda’s Party Mix is the snack that’s got all your occasions covered. Loaded with Multi-Grain Cheddar Crisps, Mini Nacho Tortilla Chips, Pretzel Twists and Crunchy Cheese Bites, it’s everything you need in one bag.

pajedas new onion rings snacks 

Pajeda’s New Onion Rings

Welcome the newest member of our Pajeda’s family! Our crispy, onion-flavored rings are loaded with fun and seasoned to perfection. If you’ve been in pursuit of a snack that’s a little different than the rest, your search is over.

My Overall Thoughts:  After spending the past 2 weeks sampling all the Pajeda snacks sent to us, my family is in love with the yellow and white tortilla chips, as well as the nacho tortilla chips.  I can't believe that these snacks taste the same, if not better than other leading tortilla chip and snack chips on the market, which run you $3.50+ a bag.  And, many times you only get half or less than half a bag of chips.  Not with Pajeda -- they don't go skimpy and you only pay $1.00 per bag.  Now, how can you go wrong with a $1.00 for great quality snack chips?  You can't.  

I am so glad  that I stumbled across the Pajeda brand, and was able to try out each and every one of their snacks.  Pajeda has won us over, and I will continue to buy their brands when I head to the market.  It is a great feeling knowing that I will not be sacrificing on taste just to save $$$.  Instead, I will be saving $$$ and maintaining the same quality of snacks for my family.  I will definitely share the Pajeda brand with family and friends who are looking for snack foods to buy this upcoming holiday season.  

If you have never heard of or tried Pajeda snacks, you are missing out.  Head to your local market today and pick up a bag or two, or three. :-)  And, if you can't find Pajeda brand snacks at your local market, drop the fine people at Pajeda an email, and they will let you know your closest retailer.  Now, how is that for customer service?

Disclosure: I was sent samples from Pajeda in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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  1. Oooh these all sound good, I'd love to try them all, especially the onion rings!