Friday, October 21, 2011

Herrs Snacks and Chips -- Live Life with Flavor (Product Review)

Recently, I was sent the following Herr's chips to sample:

2100- Buffalo Bleu Cheese curls
432- Hot Sauce Ripple Chips
107- Regular Chips
567 - Nachitas tortillas
818- Red Hot Chips
145 -- Texas Pete Chips
770 -- Buffalo Wing Chips
184 -- Natural Kettle Chips
142 -- Ripple Kettle Chips
173 -- Dark Russet Kettle Chips
297 - Sweet Potato Chips with sea salt

Don't worry, I am not going to give a review on each and every cookie, as I would not only be here all day raving about each one, but I would also end up making myself (and you) hungry).  So, I am just going to touch on the overall quality of the chips and my top 3 flavors, which were the sweet potato chips with sea salt, ripple kettle chips and the natural kettle chips.  Yum!!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about how they tasted!

Before, I share my thoughts on the chips, I wanted to let you know that Herrs Chips offers superior customer service.  The first sample batch of chips sent to me came damaged upon arrival.  They must have been thrown onto the delivery truck and had heavier packages packed on top of it, because when I received the box it was not only squished and open, but some of the chip bags had opened from the pressure and the box was filled with broken tortilla and potato chips.  I notified my contact over at Herrs Chips and he graciously shipped another identical case overnight to me.  Now, how is that for service!  I was  impressed.  If the chips were as good as the customer service alone, then I was in for a treat.

When I received the second batch, they came in perfect condition.  I couldn't believe how many bags of chips I was sent to sample.  The first thought that went through my mind was, how was "I" going to eat them all before they expired, and then, I heard my daughter wake from her nap and realized I would have help from her and her family, as well as family who was coming over for the weekend to visit.  While heading upstairs to get my daughter, I began snacking on the sweet potato chips with sea salt.  Don't tell anyone, but before I received the top step, the bag was empty.  They were that good!!  I couldn't stop eating them, as they were so fresh and the crunch of the chip was perfection.  You could tell they used "real" sweet potatoes in making these chips.  For a moment, I thought I was snacking on sweet potato chips from a local fair.

That evening when my husband came home from work, I showed him the large box of chip samples.  He didn't think we would be able to eat all the chips, but he was up for the challenge. And, so, over the weekend (and into the following week -- what, you thought we would eat all the chips in one weekend?  We aren't that crazy!!!!), we began sampling each of the chip flavors sent to us, along with my parents and help of Savannah.  It was hard to choose a favorite chip, as each chip flavor had its own great taste, but I am a lover of ripple chips and sweet potato chips, while my husband likes the spicy, flavored chips.  So, as a comprise I left him the spicy chips and he left me with my favorite chip flavors.  Don't you love comprising on snacks?  :-)

Never had Herrs chips before, I wasn't sure how they would stack up against other popular brands I am used to getting at the market.  But, I have to say, their flavor selection and quality of their chips was far superior than some major brands out there.  And, they filled their bags with chips and not air!!!!  I only wish that Herrs chips were offered at my local grocery store, so I could pick them up whenever I needed a chip fix.  But, not to worry, I can order in bulk off their website.  :-)  And, I have already added it to my wish list for Santa this Christmas.

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Make sure you are not shopping on an empty stomach!!!

Disclosure:  I was sent samples of Herrs chips in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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