Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dotcoms For Moms Launches All- Inclusive Back To School Guide

From homework help and after school activities to the essential back to school supplies and fashions for every age, Dotcoms for moms’ comprehensive guide has moms covered.

Los Angeles, CA (August 08, 2011) — With summer fading and the new school year just around the corner, Dotcoms For Moms (DFM) has launched the Ultimate Back To School Guide, showcasing the best of the web and preparing moms and their families to start the school year right.

The comprehensive guide provides the top online resources and advice for moms on everything school-related including: Preschool, Grade School, Middle and High School, College, Homework Help, School Gear, School Options, After School Activities and School Moms.

Knowing that moms search for back to school supplies at the lowest prices, the School Gear section of DFM’s guide provides links for student essentials for all ages: backpacks, writing and desk supplies, lunch boxes and more, all priced to help families stay within budget.

For those entering the school system for the first time, the guide’s Preschool section provides websites for moms on choosing the right type of school for the child, alleviating separation anxiety, and examining the importance of play-based learning, along with top toddler fashion sites and ideas for arts and crafts projects for the little ones.

With DFM’s Grade School section, parents can browse through references on guiding their children through the elementary years. Topics covered include recommendations on transitioning from preschool to kindergarten, child development, school lunch ideas and projects to participate in with the kids.

The tween/teen years can be especially complex for both parent and child. The Middle and High School section helps to guide parents through the adolescent years with resources surrounding critical topics such as dating and sex, prom, teen health. It also lists the top sites for fashions that teens will want to wear.

The guide’s College section offers advice on college application prep and scholarship resources, as well as tips on helping the graduate transition to the college lifestyle with dorm style ideas, inside information on sororities and fraternities, college safety articles and a Fab 5 list to help students pack for college.

School doesn’t end at the bell—the guide’s After School Activities provides parents an overview of the different types of extracurricular students can participate in during the school year including drama clubs, sports, volunteer groups and student government. With the guide’s Homework Help section, parents can keep their child at the head of the class by assisting in five major areas of study: Math, Reading, English, Science and History.

DFM’s guide also contains sections exploring School Options and what needs to be considered when making the choice to attend certain types of schools - plus a section exclusively for School Moms on how to handle the everyday stresses of school committees, scheduling play dates and being an active participant in the child’s education.

To coincide with the guide, The DFM Back to School Shop has been updated to feature budget-friendly back to school supplies and fashion, including “Carpool Couture,” handpicked women’s clothing and beauty items for moms who want to look and feel stylish as they drop their kids at school.

Inspired by her own busy life as a mother to three children (twin boys followed a year later by a girl,) award-winning television producer, author and lifestyle expert Rita Mauceri launched Dotcoms For Moms in January 2011 to provide moms a solution to the challenge they face online: keeping track of the gems and weeding out all the junk found in a typical online search. With the launch of Dotcoms For Moms, Mauceri draws on her more than 15 years of experience in entertainment and women’s lifestyle to create the ultimate online destination for moms of all ages with children of all ages. For more information on Dotcoms For Moms, please visit

A veteran television producer of top-rated entertainment and lifestyle programming at E!, Discovery, Travel Channel, TLC, and HGTV, Mauceri is a published author of two style books, “Frumpy to Foxy in 15 minutes Flat” and “Curves Rules and Flat is Fabulous: Sexy, Stylish Looks for Every Figure,” and is best known online for her highly-read weekly entertaining and style columns on Yahoo!, Foxy Festivities and The Foxy Life.

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