Tuesday, April 5, 2011

gLovies Disposable Hand-Covers (Review)

I recently had the opportunity to try out gLovies, which were created by another mom entrepreneur.

So, What are gLovies?

gLovies are disposable sanitary hand covers that are used to protect children in a variety of places and circumstances, including public restrooms, malls and supermarkets, zoos and amusement parks, medical facilities, public transportation, or wherever children may come into contact with germs.

Product Features:

*Fully lined and 100% waterproof.
*Sanitary and disposable.
*Held securely in place by a comfortable elastic wristband.
*Pediatrician recommended.
*Adorned with three playful penguins that appeal to both young toddlers and "big kids."

My Thoughts:

When you head to the supermarket, they have wipes at the entrance that you can use to clean the carriage handles, but how well do these wipes really work in getting rid of all the germs that live on the carriages?  What I love most about gLovies is that you can slip a package in a diaper bag or your purse and have them on hand to give to your young children when you take them shopping.  Now, you can protect your kiddos from germs at the supermarket, as well as other public areas, like restrooms, door handles and other surfaces that harbor germs.

If you are a parent who is potty training your children and want to protect them from germs with public toilets, then gLovies is a must have item.  Simply slip gLovies on their little hands, and  keep your kids protected in style.

---BUY NOW---

You can pick up your own set of gLovies at major retailers, as well as online.  You can buy a package of 12 gloves (6 sets) for only $4.99.  What a great price!

About the Creator of gLovies -- A Mom Entrepreneur:

My name is Josephine and I'm the inventor of gLovies which are disposable sanitary hand covers for toddlers between the ages 2 and 6. I came up with the idea for my invention while training my two year old son. I took him into a public restroom for the first time and was totally grossed out and thought there must be a better way than to continue saying "Don't touch that!" I took a disposable diaper and sewed my proto-type and got to work on trying to find a manufacturer. Four years later, my product is selling in major baby retail stores. gLovies keep hands clean!

Disclosure:  I was sent samples of gLovies in order to write an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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