Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Virtual Baby Shower -- Kid-E-Cover

What is the Kid-E-Cover?:

Elicole's patented Kid-E-CoverTM offers an innovative solution to deterring younger children from accessing electrical outlets and protecting them from possible injury that may occur. Please keep in mind that this product is not a substitute for appropriate adult supervision, and that at some point in your child's development, they may learn to overcome such deterrents. Always discourage children from playing with or near any electrical equipment. As our parents often told us..."better to be safe than sorry!".

How do you Install and Use the Kid-E-Cover?:

  1. Turn off power to the electrical outlet receptacle at the circuit breaker or fuse panel (do not assume that all outlets in one room are on the same circuit). Please keep in mind that electrical outlets wear out. After years of use the outlet will lose its grip, and may pose a hazard. Have a licensed electrician replace the outlet receptacle if it is worn.
  2. Remove existing wallplate.
  3. If access hole in the wall has rough edges, smooth with sandpaper so that the Kid-E-CoverTM will seat flush with wall.
  4. To ensure proper fit of the Kid-E-CoverTM to the electrical outlet receptacle, tighten screws that attach the electrical outlet receptacle to the junction box inside the wall so that the electrical outlet receptacle is mounted flush to the wall.
  5. Place Kid-E-CoverTM over the electrical outlet receptacle and attach with a #6-32 x .75” long screw.
  6. Turn on power to the electrical outlet receptacle.
  1. Pull the tab located on the side of the Kid-E-CoverTM to align the holes of the internal shutter with the holes on the face of the Kid-E-CoverTM.
  2. Insert electrical plug firmly into the electrical outlet receptacle so that the electrical plug is mounted flush the Kid-E-CoverTM and there are no gaps between the Kid-E-CoverTM and the electrical plug.
  3. To remove electrical plug, pull plug firmly. Upon removal, the internal shutter automatically snaps closed to prevent access to the outlet receptacle.

My Review:

Now that Savannah is becoming more mobile and getting into things, we have begun to baby proof the house.  We played a trip a couple of weeks ago to the stores and picked up various safety products, including outlet covers, toilet latches and baby gates.  But, I was not impressed with the quality of the outlet covers.  I remember back in the day when I would babysit young children, they were always getting into things, like removing the plastic outlet covers/protectors.  Over the years, I haven't seen many new options for outlet covers, but was happy to hear about this new cover option.  I couldn't wait to try the Kid-E-Cover myself and see if it could stand up to my daughter, Savannah, when the times comes.  The Kid-E-Cover was easy to install, and I was impressed at how hard it was for little hands to access the outlet.  Now, I feel better knowing that once Savannah is able to crawl and walk around, the last thing that she will be getting her hands on or into are the outlets.  I will definitely be buying more of these outlet covers, and telling my new mommy friends about them.

Buy Now:

You can purchase Kid-E-Cover outlet covers directly from Elicole LLC or through Amazon.  Elicole is selling these covers for the following prices:  5 covers for only $15.00, 25 covers for $75.00 and 50 covers for only $150.00.  You can't put a price on the safety of your children!

About Elicole LLC:

Elicole LLC is a family owned company that is committed to the quality and excellence of our products so that you can provide a safer environment for your children. Our products are new and innovative to the industry, being fully designed to offer simple yet effective solutions to the common dangers found in the home. Many items that we take for granted may expose your younger children to harm or serious injury. We care because these same issues resulted in us developing these products to safeguard our own families. Bringing together 30 years of engineering experience and the practical solutions needed to address common problems, we strive to make your home a little safer for your family.
Elicole LLC is a business that is owned by a single father whose love for his two daughters are the single most important motivating factor in his life. Our products are a direct reflection of who we are and what we care about.

Disclosure:  I was given a sample of the Kid-E-Cover in order to write up an honest review.  The views stated above are mine and mine alone.

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