Thursday, March 31, 2011

Launch Kit for New Dads -- A Crash Course to Help You Prepare for Fatherhood (Review)

This past Tuesday, I introduced you to Greg Bishop, Creator of Dad Adventures and Boot Camp for New Dads.  If you missed Greg's Spotlight, click here to read his interview now.  Greg was kind enough to send along his Launch Kit for New Dads for me to look at and review.   Being new parents, I had my husband take a look at the kit and give me his feedback.  He compared this comprehensive kit to other books and videos he purchased when getting ready for the birth of our daughter last July.  Being new parents, and never had held or taken care of babies/newborns, we had no idea what was in store for us.  So, we were like sponges, trying to absorb as much information as possible before Savannah came.  

While pregnant, my husband and I would frequent the bookstores.  I found tons of books geared towards expectant moms, but there was not a big selection of books for expectant dads.  The few books they had were not worth reading.  Either they were outdated or just didn’t look appealing.  

When we received this kit, we were impressed with how it was packaged and the content that was included in both the video and the book.  My husband first watched the video.  He liked hearing from other dads what to expect as you transition into the new role of fatherhood.  With Savannah being 8 months old and our first, he is still learning how to adjust and deal right now with her teething, and most recently her first cold.  Knowing that other dads went through the same things, provided comfort.  Overall, my husband enjoyed the video and found it very useful. 

My husband was reluctant to read the book, as he isn’t much of a book reader.  But, surprising, he liked it because it contained tips, cheat sheets and charts – so, it made for easy reading.  He kept telling me he wished he had this book when preparing for Savannah’s arrival. He liked the pull out childbirth coaching card and all the tips and tricks.  He has even tried some of the tricks with Savannah and is finding key points in the book that he can apply as a new dad.  

Overall, this is a great Crash Course kit for any new or expectant dad.  Even if you are a second time dad, it is always nice to have a refresher course.  Who knows?  You may even learn some new tricks.

What is included in the Launch Kit for New Dads:

·  Crash Course for New Dads - The book filled with cheat sheets, tips and tricks, including a tear out Childbirth Coaching Guide. 

·  Crash Course for New Dads DVD - Hear veteran dads share their experiences and advice about transitioning into fatherhood. 

·  Father's placard - Proudly display the importance fathers play in their children's lives. 

·  New Dad Playbook - A 3-month booster shot (delivered via email) to help gauge how he's coming along as a new dad. 

·  Dads Adventure magazine - Articles, lists and advice about becoming a dad, taking care of babies and new moms.


·  Relationship Reminder emails for mom to help her understand what dad is going through and how she affects the father-baby bond.

---BUY NOW---

This great kit for new dads is only $24.95, and makes a nice gift to give new dads at a baby shower or prior to their baby’s birth.  Head on over to Dad’s Adventure to buy this kit and other products now. 

About Dads Adventure

In 1995, we formed Dads Adventure to sponsor the non-profit Boot Camp for New Dads and develop broad support for new fathers.

We publish/produce Crash Course for New Dads: Tools, Checklists & Cheat-Sheets, the Crash Course for New Dads DVD and online workshop, Dads Adventure magazine, Hit the Ground Crawling: Lessons From 150,000 New Fathers, and to bring new fathers the information they need to do a great job.

The New Moms Hearts and Minds Project ( is our latest venture in helping guys become the best dads they can imagine.

Disclosure:  I was sent a Launch Kit in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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