Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 1 - Online Virtual Baby Shower

Today is the start on my "Online Virtual Baby Shower."  This week, I will be sharing some wonderful products for both mommy and baby -- and, most products include a giveaway and/or coupon code.  If you are expecting or know someone that is, please share my blog site with them, so they can keep up-to-date on some great baby finds out there.  And, if there is a product you just love, share it with us.  I know as a new mom myself, I was reading books and spending hours online trying to figure out what I ACTUALLY needed.  Savannah has enough clothes in her closet to wear a new outfit every day.  Just last month, I was going through clothes that she didn't wear, that still had the tags on them.  And, you should see all the extra diaper cases I have, that she grew out. Now, I am donating these items to military moms expecting and organizations who through these moms baby showers. 

From now, until the end of March, I will be highlighting products throughout the week that would make great baby shower gifts or gifts for new moms.  So, check back often and don't forget to support these vendors by stopping by their websites and using the coupons they are offering, as well as entering my giveaways.

And, now, let the party begin!!!!!!

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  1. I need to kwon how much you want for the clothes