Monday, February 7, 2011

Virtual Baby Shower Gift Guide -- DiaperBuds

Everyone knows the must have for any diaper bag is diapers.  I learned the hard way the first time I took Savannah to the doctors.  This was the one item I had forgot to pack.  And, when I put Savannah on the scale to be weighed and had to remove her diaper, she began peeing all over the place.  The doctor gave me a minute to put a fresh diaper on Savannah, but when I ruffled through the diaper bag, there was no spare diaper to be find.  Feeling embarrassed, I asked the nurse if they had a diaper.  And, thankfully, they did.  So, now on, I make sure that the diaper bag is stocked before we leave the house.

I stumbled across diapers buds and now I am fan.  With everything I cram into the diaper bag, the use of DiaperBuds makes it easy to grab a diaper and not have to pull everything out of the bad, just to find them.  What is so great about these diapers is that they come in a vacuum-sealed pouch, so you can stick them in your pocket or bag and not take up too much space. Take a look at how they come:

What a great idea, huh?  DiaperBuds come in sizes 2 to 5. Here is the size chart, so you know which size is right for your baby:

DiaperBuds would make a great baby shower gift, or as a welcome home for new moms.  

You may be wondering about the quality of the diaper, seeing that it is vacuum sealed.  Well, DiaperBuds sent me a few to try out with Savannah, and I have to say they held up great.  They provided the same leak proof coverage that other major diaper brands offer.  And, who doesn't love the fun pouch that they come in.  I had one mom ask what it was, as I was changing Savannah's diaper at the local children's museum.  She had never heard or seen anything like it before.  She was going to go home and order a set for herself.  DiaperBuds will not break the bank either. They are available in a variety of counts and start at $5.99 for a multi-pack. Plus, you get free shipping on orders of $25+.  You can order them at DiaperBuds or at Amazon.

And, for a limited time, DiaperBuds is letting you try out their product for only $1!.  To learn more and order your sample, click here.

Disclosure:  I was given a sample of DiaperBuds from the vendor in order to write an honest review of their product.  My views/comments are mine and mine alone.

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