Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Turn Your Fur-Baby Into a Work of Art This Holiday Season with a Museum-Grade Framed Poster from Crown and Paw (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Five years ago I was introduced to Crown & Paw, and had the opportunity to create a Queen Elizabeth inspired portrait using my dog's face.  If you are not familiar with Crown & Paw, they create canvas pet portraits by digitally combining the image of a pet with adorable and hilarious costumes and backgrounds. Take a look at what I created back in 2019, and what adorns one of our walls in our living room, and is always admired by family and friends who come to visit and notice...

This is the photo we took and sent in to Crown & Paw...


This is the canvas portrait that was created for us...

Super cute, right?!  We love it, and love how it looks along with all our other family photos on the wall.

Now, five years later, I am back creating another fun Crown & Paw picture of our beloved Milly, who just turned 12 years old.  She is now older with more white fur around her face and paws from age, but still our little fur-baby.  Crown & Paw recently unveiled stunning NEW museum-grade framed posters in even funnier costumes and poses, and I jumped at the opportunity to make another work of art to add to our wall of family photos. 

You can check out the new poster styles online here. I really liked the Stranger Things and Friends portraits, but we only have one dog currently, and these needed 3 or more pets to include in the portrait. 

I was going to create a portrait using photos from our previous dogs, but really wanted to capture Milly now, as we know she only has a few more years with us, and we are cherishing every moment with her.  So, after looking through the hundreds of options based on Film and TV, my family decided on one of the Toy Story portraits.  Toy Story is a favorite animated movie in our house, and the first movie our oldest daughter got hooked on as a toddler.  She would dress in Toy Story clothes, and always carried around her beloved talking Jessie doll.  So, we thought it would be cute to have a custom piece made from the folks at Crown & Paw of our Milly as Jessie.  

Here is the sample they show on their website...

The NEW framed pet posters are printed on enhanced matte paper, providing a professional, gallery-style finish. They also come with eco-conscious hardwood frames crafted from renewable forests.

And, here is what Crown & Paw created created for us...

Isn't this the cutest picture you have ever seen? 

As soon as I was sent the photo for review before it was sent to the printer, I couldn't help but smile ear to ear, and run and show it off to my husband and girls. They also had the same reaction -- all smiles.  They thought it was adorable, and couldn't wait to receive this updated Crown & Paw poster of Milly as Jessie, to frame and add to our wall of photos in the living room.  About a week after accepting the proof sent for review, we received the poster from Crown & Paw in the mail. You have the option of buying the art with a frame, or without.  I opted for without, as I already had a frame similar to others we have hanging on our wall, and just added the 8"x10" poster to the frame, and then hung it on the wall.  Then, we stepped back and admired our new Crown & Paw pet portrait.  We love it, and even Milly gave it the stamp of approval when he picked her up and showed it to her -- as she gave it a lick and paw tap. :-)

This is our second Crown & Paw portrait and definitely will not be our last. I plan to create one of the multi-pet portraits using Milly and our three previous rescue dogs who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. It will nice to have all our fur-babies in a cute custom photo, as they are still thought of often and will always be in our heart.  Right now, I am leaning towards either the Mean Girls,  Modern Family's Phil and Claire, Michael Scott from the Office, or Jurassic Park themed.  

There are so many to choose from, and they all look good, and would make for a great keepsake of our fur-babies.

If you are a pet lover, or have someone on your holiday shopping that is, and are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind gift idea for the holidays, look no further than Crown & Paw pet portraits.  Pricing starts at only $29.95 and goes us, depending on the portrait size (8"x10" up to 18"x24"), or other product created (i.e. ornaments, puzzles, mugs, etc.)! 

All you have to do is upload a photo of your pet, and the folks at Crown & Paw will do the rest. It is that easy!   So, stop stressing over what to give the pet lover in your life and give them this one of kind renaissance masterpiece for them to treasure this year and for years to come.    

Head on over to www.crownandpaw.com to learn more and see the costume options available of your next Crown & Paw order. Pet lovers can’t get enough of these off-the-wall custom portraits. 

They definitely make the perfect personalized gift or memento that will be loved, cherished and remembered forever! And, right now you can take advantage of their extended Cyber Monday deal, and save 25% off your custom pet portrait.  Act fast as still offer ends TONIGHT!!!

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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