Thursday, November 9, 2023

Get in the Holiday Spirit with "Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas" DVD - Includes 4 Holiday-Themed Episodes (Review)

Disclosure: I was provided with a screener from the folks at Shout! Factory in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Now that Halloween is out of the way, everyone has shifted gears to the holidays fast approaching. And, with prepping for Christmas comes pulling out and going through all your holiday decorations, tree, etc.  But, don't forget to go through all the holiday movies you have collected over the years, to enjoy with your family as you snuggle up under warm blankets on the couch, admiring your breathtaking Christmas tree decked out in all those beautiful twinkling lights and ornaments that hold special meaning for your family. I, for one, love watching holiday movies with my family. It is a great way to unwind after a long day, and also a reason for everyone to get off their devices and come together for quality family time.  

Each year, I wrap some of our favorite holiday movies, and then pick up a few new ones to add to the mix.  Then, when Thanksgiving eve rolls around, we start pulling a movie each night from a basket I have filled, and watch a holiday movie together. It is a fun advent to countdown to Santa's arrival.  This year I was excited to add a Shout! Factory release to our holiday movie collection -- "Shaun the Sheep - The Flight Before Christmas."  My girls loved Shaun the Sheep when they were little. It was one of the few animated series that they will stop what they were doing and sit down and watch.  When they were teething or not feeling well, this animated series help to calm them down and really was a lifesaver for me.  And, now that they are teens, I like sharing with them things they may have forgotten, or now think they are too old or cool to sit and watch. 

About this DVD:

"It’s Christmas Eve at Mossy Bottom Farm and Shaun's seasonal excitement turns to dismay when a farmhouse raid to get bigger stockings inadvertently leads to Timmy getting lost in the local Christmas market. Shaun’s rescue mission to town goes horribly wrong when a gift box containing Timmy disappears off in a 4x4 driven by Farmer Ben, a local celebrity and influencer. Can Shaun save the day and get Timmy home in time for Christmas? Or has Shaun finally met his match in Farmer Ben’s feisty daughter, Ella? Prepare for an explosive high-wire ending as everyone learns the true value of Christmas! Also includes Timmy's Christmas Surprise, Timmy's Snowball, Timmy's Snowman, and Timmy Slips Up!"


The other night I surprised them with this DVD to watch.  My youngest smiled when she saw the cover art, and she started to talk about her favorite episodes from when she was younger. She had no idea this DVD had been released, nor had she seen the 4 holiday-themed episodes that make up this DVD.  She, like her sister once she saw the DVD, couldn't wait to watch it. So, after dinner we settled in and watched all four holiday-themed episodes, as well as the bonus behind-the-scenes featurette and shorts.  Both of my girls really enjoyed this DVD, especially my oldest who is currently taking a college animation course and the assignment for the week was to create a claymation animation.  After watching these episodes, she found inspiration for her assignment, and couldn't wait to put something together.  

Even though we have only had this DVD for a short time, it has been on repeat in our DVD player, as my girls can't get enough of it.  They were reminded why they loved Shaun the Sheep as a kid, and find themselves enjoying it more now, and getting some of the jokes that went over their heads as a kid.  If you have a Shaun the Sheep in your life, or just want to add some fun new holiday DVDs to your family's growing collection, or start your own holiday movie/show advent countdown, this Shaun the Sheep release is not to be missed.  We really enjoyed it, and will be watching it again this holiday season, and for years to come.  To learn more about this and other wonderful holiday titles available from Shout! Factory, head on over to today.

Disclosure: I was provided with a screener from the folks at Shout! Factory in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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