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Check Out These Great Gift Ideas New from Chronicle Books for LEGO Fans of All Ages (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Discover books, journals, puzzles, desk d├ęcor, and more that combine distinct design from Chronicle Books with the boundless creativity of the LEGO® brand

I love when popular brands like LEGO partner with book publishing companies as they always end up releasing great products for the whole family, which also always make for great gift ideas.  So, when LEGO partnered with Chronicle Books a few years ago, I was quick to buy up the different books and puzzles that were released, as well as review and feature some of the new products, as my whole family loves all things LEGO and we have been fans of Chronicle Books since my girls were little.  

As I was preparing my 14th annual holiday gift guide for Inspired by Savannah, I wanted to make sure I included LEGO and Chronicle Books in my gift guide, as I know many of my readers love these two companies, and would want to have these new LEGO products on their radars as they begin their holiday shopping. View the entire Chronicle Books LEGO® line at

So without further ado, here are some top LEGO gift ideas available from Chronicle Books, that would make for a great gift idea for LEGO fans both young and old...


"LEGO® Mystery Minifigure Mini Puzzle (Animal Edition) These “blind box” mini puzzles are a  whole new way to play with the world’s most collectible toy. 

Each 126-piece mini puzzle comes  together to reveal a surprise animal Minifigure from the massively popular Collectible LEGO®  Minifigure series. 

Test your puzzle skills and LEGO knowledge as you piece together a fan-favorite  Minifigure—you’ll have to complete the puzzle to find out which one you have! Collect all 6 mini  puzzles for the full set. 

About this item:

  • SURPRISE PUZZLE IN EACH BOX: You will randomly receive one of six Minifigure mini puzzles. If you purchase multiple puzzles, you may receive identical designs.
  • 6 PUZZLES TO COLLECT: Puzzle images include four fan-favorite animal Minifigures (Fox Costume Girl, Chicken Suit Guy, Elephant Costume Girl, and Bumblebee Girl) and two additional mystery Minifigures not revealed on the packaging! Collect them all.
  • FUN UNBOXING EXPERIENCE: Open the box to reveal your minifigure puzzle! Use the clues on the packaging and on the puzzle pieces themselves to figure out which design you are building. This puzzle is perfect for fans of “blind bag” collectibles. There is so much fun in the reveal!
  • A PERFECT GIFT FOR THE LEGO FAN WHO HAS IT ALL: The mini size and clever concept make for the perfect little present for LEGO fans. Great for holidays, birthdays, stocking stuffers, gift exchanges, and Easter baskets.
  • A NEW WAY TO PLAY: These puzzles feature fan favorites from the LEGO Collectible Minifigures series. Did you miss a limited-edition Collectible Minifigure in-store? Find it again in puzzle form."

My Thoughts:

I really like getting these mystery minifigure puzzles as they make great stocking stuffers for both kids and adults.  Kids loved the mystery of not knowing who they will get, and adults like being able to relax after a long day of work and work on a puzzle, that will not take them all day or days to complete. Even though the puzzle pieces are small, the 126-piece puzzle can be completed in one sitting, and is perfect for all puzzle levels - beginner to expert.  Kids will love collecting all six in the animal series. And, if you are like our family and like to mod podge the puzzles to save after building, these are really cute to display.  We usually buy $1 picture frames from the dollar store and put each puzzle in one. Then, the girls display the puzzles amongst their LEGO builds on our shelves throughout the house and in their bedrooms.


"Get ready, LEGO® builders: The next challenge in the bestselling LEGO puzzle line is here. And it's adorable.

Calling all animal lovers, welcome to the LEGO® pet show! This 1,000-piece puzzle comes together to reveal a cute collection of LEGO BrickHeadz pets. From a cuddly ginger tabby cat to an adorable French bulldog, this sweet and silly menagerie is a celebration of your favorite furry, fuzzy, and feathered family members. Purrfect for the whole family but just as fun to take on solo, this puzzle showcases the creativity and delight integral to the LEGO brand.

A NEW SPIN ON A BRAND YOU LOVE AND TRUST: For generations, the LEGO brand has inspired billions of people to stretch the limits of their imaginations and explore the power of play. Let this surprising take on iconic bricks spark new ideas and possibilities.

FUN FOR ALL: This jigsaw puzzle is perfect for all types of LEGO fans—from longtime LEGO builders to casual fans to parents sharing their love of the brand with their children.
GREAT ACTIVITY WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS: This challenging puzzle is great at-home fun for a game night or get-together.
OVER 1 MILLION COPIES SOLD: More than one million copies have been sold in the LEGO puzzle series line by Chronicle Books. If you’ve collected them all, or this is your first, there is something for everyone in this bestselling series.
INCLUDES: 1,000 puzzle pieces, 25 x 20–inch puzzle when built, 11 x 9 x 2–inch box, and full-color printout of puzzle image."


"LEGO® Christmas Train Puzzle the newest puzzle in the bestselling LEGO® puzzle series has a  holiday twist: 4 individual puzzles connect to create a Christmas winter wonderland that the whole  family can build and enjoy together! 

Gather one and all around the table as you build 4 individual  100-piece puzzles then bring them together to create a winter village scene brimming with holiday cheer. Featuring charming yuletide LEGO minifigures and a LEGO Christmas train, this puzzle is  packaged in a gift box that looks like a present ready to be placed under the Christmas tree. Ages: 7+ 

  • THE SPIRIT OF COLLABORATIVE BUILDING: Work together and build side by side with family and friends to create a winter LEGO extravaganza. Everyone can take part in this holiday activity—each person assembles one portion of the puzzle and then combines them all to create a complete LEGO Christmas train image.

  • A PERFECT GIFT FOR LEGO FRIENDS & FAMILIES: This one-of-a-kind holiday puzzle makes for the perfect present for LEGO fans and families. With slightly larger pieces for puzzlers ages 7+, this is a great gift for the holidays, group gatherings, chilly days indoors, and spreading Christmas joy.
  • EASY ORGANIZATION: This puzzle box features four separate compartments, one for each puzzle. The backs of the puzzle pieces are printed with four corresponding designs, so pieces go back in the correct slot for easy clean up.
  • SINGLE-USE PLASTIC FREE: This puzzle is 100% plastic free. Instead of the plastic bags to divide the puzzles, each one is organized into its own compartment—eliminating the need for plastic that could potentially end up in landfill.
  • INCLUDES: Four 100-piece puzzles, 7.5 x 8.25-inch each when fully assembled, 8.25 x 30 inches when combined, 11 ½ x 7 ¾ x 1 ½ inch box, and a full-color printout of the complete puzzle image."


Buy now from Amazon for only $19.95

"LEGO® How We Create Inspiration Deck is a unique product for anyone curious about how LEGO designers grow and harness their creativity. A great gift for anyone who wants to bring more creativity into their life or work. The deck goes on sale 9/26 for $19.95.

Build a more creative life—with the help of the team behind the world’s most iconic toy, the LEGO® brick. Draw an inspiration card or building prompt to find new motivation, overcome challenges, and flex your creative muscles.

The thinkers, builders, designers, and kids-at-heart who work at the LEGO Group invite you behind the scenes to see how they create, every day. This 78-card deck features insights and advice from individuals across all job descriptions at the LEGO Group. Find inspiration and overcome creative blocks by applying the LEGO® values of discovery, imagination, and innovation.


Packaged in a keepsake box with a sliding tray, each card offers a moment of personal reflection, a spark of motivation, or an open-ended invitation to harness the power of play. Mixed throughout are more than 20 unique building prompt cards that encourage you to put these valuable lessons and creative strategies into action using your own LEGO bricks."

My Thoughts: 

I was really excited to get my hands on this inspiration deck, as I like to incorporate challenges in our homeschooling to break up the day, and thought it would be fun to add in quotes and inspirational messages with the LEGO building prompts and challenges listed on these cards.  The deck includes 78 cards in total, and all are beautifully designed.  Adult LEGO fans will review enjoy this inspiration deck, as the cards offer not just a creative challenge to build with your LEGO pieces, but will also help you re-start when you hit a road block with work/life or need a moment to reflect or advice to get back into the flow.  Each of the cards will truly inspire you, and have you looking forward to pulling a card from the deck to read and apply to your life, day in and day out in 2024 and beyond.


Buy now from Barnes & Noble for only $14.99

"Find inspiration and spark creativity throughout the year with this vibrant wall calendar brimming with stunning LEGO® photography!

Enjoy twelve months of LEGO® inspiration with stunning brick and minifigure photography that captures the boundless creativity of LEGO play. 

This calendar features the masterful work of toy photographers from around the globe as they explore the world from a miniature point of view. With impressive builds, adventuring minifigures, and imaginative visual storytelling, this charming calendar is a thoughtful gift—or self-gift—for all ages and a reminder to take some time to play throughout the year."

My Thoughts:

You can never have enough calendars, right?  I have three 2024, now that I was sent the new LEGO 2024 wall calendar to review.  I have one in my office, one in the hall and one in the kitchen. I am always looking to see when a date is or to jot down homeschool activities and classes.  So, I like calendars like this one that give you a lot of space with each date to jot down important information. Plus, being a huge LEGO loving family, usually I pick up the desk calendar each year for the girls to have on their desks, so they can find inspiration with fun LEGO builds.  I really like this wall calendar as the photos are fun and playful.  Plus, this calendar starts in Sept. 2023, and goes through 2024, so it is like I am getting a few extra months free. :-)

If you are a LEGO lover or love calendars like me, this is one calendar you will definitely want to pick and hang up and use for 2024.


The above are just a few of the many great new additions from LEGO and Chronicle Books.  View the entire Chronicle Books LEGO® line at

About Chronicle Books 

One of the most admired and respected publishing companies in the U.S., Chronicle Books was founded  in 1967 and over the years has developed a reputation for award‐winning, innovative books and gift  products in design, art, architecture, photography, food, lifestyle, and pop culture. The company has  worked with international brands including Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm Ltd., HBO, Warner Bros., Star Trek™,  Pantone, Marimekko, Pendleton, and more. Chronicle Books’ objective is to create and distribute  exceptional publishing that’s instantly recognizable for its spirit, creativity, and value. For more  information about Chronicle Books, visit  

About the LEGO Group 

The LEGO Group is a privately held, family-owned company with headquarters in Billund, Denmark, and  main offices in Enfield, USA, London, UK, Shanghai, China, and Singapore. Founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk  Kristiansen, and based on the iconic LEGO® brick, it is one of the world's leading manufacturers of play  materials. Guided by the company spirit: “Only the best is good enough,” the company is committed to  the development of children and aims to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow through creative  play and learning. LEGO® products are sold worldwide and can be virtually explored at

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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